jiraSOAP - Ruby interface to the JIRA SOAP API

Uses handsoap to build a client for the JIRA SOAP API that works on Ruby 1.9 as well as MacRuby.

You can read the documentation for the latest release or the HEAD commit. The meat of the service is in the RemoteAPI module.


The jira4r gem already exists, and works well on Ruby 1.8, but is not compatible with Ruby 1.9 or MacRuby due to its dependance on soap4r.


Pick up where jira4r left off:

Getting Started

See the Getting Started guide.


Test Suite

The test suite relies on a specific JIRA server being available. Every thing that might need to be configured has been abstracted to its own method so that the values can easily be changed, but I will try to provide a database backup in the near future if the licensing works out.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests


Copyright: Marketcircle Inc., 2010-2012

See LICENSE.txt for details.