Google Calendar

A fast lightweight and minimalist wrapper around the google calendar api.

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[sudo] gem install 'google_calendar'

Note: Google requests that you set the name of your application so they can better monitor the use of their services.


require 'rubygems'
require 'google_calendar'

cal = => '',
                           :password => 'super-secret',
                           :app_name => '')

event = cal.create_event do |e|
  e.title = 'A Cool Event'
  e.start_time =
  e.end_time = + (60 * 60) # seconds * min

puts event[0]

event = cal.find_or_create_event_by_id( do |e|
  e.title = 'An Updated Cool Event'
  e.end_time = + (60 * 60 * 2) # seconds * min * hours

puts event[0]

# All events

# Query events
puts cal.find_events('my search string')

Note: This is not a complete implementation of the calendar api, it just includes the features we needed to support our internal calendar integration.

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Copyright © 2010 Steve Zich. See LICENSE.txt for further details.