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First, make sure you have everything setup correctly and all of your dependencies in place with:

require 'rubygems'
require 'active_merchant'

ActiveMerchant expects the amounts to be given as an Integer in cents. In this case, 10 EUR becomes 1000.

Create certificates for authentication:

The PEM file expected should contain both the certificate and the generated PEM file. Some sample shell commands to generate the certificates:

openssl genrsa -aes128 -out priv.pem -passout pass:[YOUR PASSWORD] 1024
openssl req -x509 -new -key priv.pem -passin pass:[YOUR PASSWORD] -days 3000 -out cert.cer
cat cert.cer priv.pem > ideal.pem

Following the steps above, upload cert.cer to the ideal web interface and pass the path of ideal.pem to the :pem option.

Configure the gateway using your iDEAL bank account info and security settings:

Create gateway:

gateway =
  :login    => '123456789', # 9 digit merchant number
  :pem      => + 'config/ideal.pem'),
  :password => 'password' # password for the PEM key

Get list of issuers to fill selection list on your payment form:

response = gateway.issuers
list = response.issuer_list

Request transaction:

options = {
   :issuer_id         => '0001',
   :expiration_period => 'PT10M',
   :return_url        => 'http://www.return.url',
   :order_id          => '1234567890123456',
   :currency          => 'EUR',
   :description       => 'Een omschrijving',
   :entrance_code     => '1234'

response = gateway.setup_purchase(amount, options)
transaction_id = response.transaction['transactionID']
redirect_url = response.service_url

Mandatory status request will confirm transaction:

response = gateway.capture(transaction_id)

Implementation contains some simplifications

  • does not support multiple subID per merchant

  • language is fixed to ‘nl’

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