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Asciidoctor Diagram is a set of Asciidoctor extensions that enable you to add diagrams, which you describe using plain text, to your AsciiDoc document. The extension will run the appropriate diagram processor to generate an image from the input text. The generated image is then inserted into your converted document.

Detailed usage instructions can be found on the Asciidoctor documentation site.

Asciidoctor Diagram was inspired by the AsciiDoc PlantUML filter.


The Asciidoctor Diagram enables you to embed a plain text diagram as a block in your document. The example below shows an embedded Ditaa diagram block.

              | asciidoctor |-----------+
              |  diagram    |           |
              +-------------+           | image
                    ^                   |
                    | diagram source    |
                    |                   v
 +--------+   +-----+-------+    /---------------\
 |  adoc  |-->+ asciidoctor +    | HTML + image  |
 +--------+   +-------------+    \---------------/

After processing by Asciidoctor, the output file will show a rendered version of the diagram instead of the diagram source code.

asciidoctor diagram process