Work with EDL files from Ruby

The library assists in parsing EDL files in CMX 3600 format. You can use it to generate capture lists, inspect needed video segments for the assembled program and display edit timelines. When used together with depix you could write your own "blind" conform utility in about 10 minutes, no joke.

Basic usage

require 'rubygems'
require 'edl'

list ='OFFLINE.EDL')) do | evt |
 evt.clip_name #=> Boat_Trip_Take1
 evt.capture_from_tc #=> 01:20:22:10
 evt.capture_to_tc #=> 01:20:26:15, accounts for outgoing transition AND M2 timewarps


  • Timecode gem (sudo gem install timecode)

Currently unsupportedl EDL features:

There is currently no support for:

  • drop-frame TC
  • audio
  • split edits
  • key effects

Some reverse/timewarp combinations can produce source dificiencies of 1 frame


Add the following to your project Gemfile:

gem 'edl'