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Ruby library for accessing Microsoft Exchange using Exchange Web Services. This library tries to make creating and updating items as easy as possible. It will keep track of changed properties and will update only them.

Supported operations

  • FindItem, GetItem, CreateItem, UpdateItem, DeleteItem, MoveItem
  • FindFolder, GetFolder
  • ResolveNames, ExpandDL
  • GetUserAvailability
  • GetAttachment, CreateAttachment, DeleteAttachment


gem install exchanger


Exchanger.configure do |config|
  config.endpoint = ""
  config.username = "username"
  config.password = "password"
  config.debug = true # show Exchange request/response info

or configure from YAML



Creating and updating contacts

folder = Exchanger::Folder.find(:contacts)
contact = folder.new_contact
contact.given_name = "Edgars"
contact.surname = "Beigarts"
contact.email_addresses = [ => "EmailAddress1", :text => "[email protected]") ]
contact.phone_numbers = [ => "MobilePhone", :text => "+371 80000000") ] # CreateItem operation
contact.company_name = "Example Inc." # UpdateItem operation
contact.destroy # DeleteItem operation

Searching in Global Address Book

mailboxes ="John")

Searching for Calendar items

More specific Exchange calendar documentation can be found here.

1) Return all Calendar items with recurring master appointments (without recurring). Also called as non-expanded view.

folder = Exchanger::Folder.find(:calendar, "[email protected]")
folder.items # return Exchanger::CalendarItem items

2) Return Calendar items providing CalendarView (with recurring).

Supported CalendarView options/attributes:

  • max_entries_returned
  • start_date
  • end_date
folder = Exchanger::Folder.find(:calendar, "[email protected]")
calendar_view_options = {
  start_date: ( - 1.week),
folder.expanded_items(calendar_view_options) # return Exchanger::CalendarItem items

Running specs with Exchange Server

The easiest way is to sign up for a Microsoft Office 365 free trial. Please not that this needs to be the "Professional" version in order to be able to access the distribution lists. You also need to finish the setup, including e-mail, to be able to execute the steps below. Provisioning mail boxes can take up to 24 hours.

  1. Create a random calendar entry in July 2016
  2. Create a distribution list named 'Test'
    • This is available under the app "People" > "New group"
  3. Create spec/config.yml with your Exchange credentials
  4. Create spec/fixtures/get_user_availability.yml with your Exchange email address
  5. Clear the recorded VCR cassettes by removing spec/cassettes
  6. Run the specs rake spec

It looks like Office 365 trial has some rate limits, so you may have to record the VCR cassettes for each spec separately.

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