filepath is a small library to manipulate paths; a modern replacement for the standard Pathname.

filepath is built around two main classes: Filepath, that represents paths, and FilepathList, lists of paths. These classes provide immutable objects with dozens of convenience methods for common operations such as calculating relative paths, concatenating paths, finding all the files in a directory or modifying all the extensions of a list of filenames at once.

Features and examples

The main purpose of Filepath is to able to write

require __FILE__.as_path / 'spec' / 'tasks'

instead of cumbersome code like

require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), ['spec', 'tasks'])

The main features of Filepath areā€¦

Path concatenation

oauth_conf = ENV['HOME'].as_path / '.config' / 'myapp' / 'oauth.ini'
oauth_conf.to_s  #=> "/home/gioele/.config/myapp/oauth.ini"

joe_home = ENV['HOME'].as_path / '..' / 'joe'
joe_home.to_raw_string #=> "/home/gioele/../joe"
joe_home.to_s          #=> "/home/joe"

rel1 = oauth_conf.relative_to(joe_home)
rel1.to_s #=> "../gioele/.config/myapp/oauth.ini"

rel2 = joe_home.relative_to(oauth_conf)
rel2.to_s #=> "../../../joe"

Path manipulation

image = ENV['HOME'].as_path / 'Documents' / 'images' / 'cat.png'
image.parent_dir.to_s  #=> "/home/gioele/Documents/images"
image.filename.to_s    #=> "cat.png"
image.extension        #=> "png"

converted_img = image.replace_extension("jpeg")
converted_img.to_s     #=> "/home/gioele/Documents/images/cat.jpeg"
convert(image, converted_img)

Path traversal

file_dir ="/srv/")
file_dir.descend do |path|
    is = path.readable? ? "is" : "is not!"

    puts "#{path} #{is} readable"


/ is readable
/srv is readable
/srv/ is readable
/srv/ is not! readable
/srv/ is not! redable

Shortcuts for file and directory operations

home_dir = ENV['HOME']

files = home_dir.files
files.count #=> 3
files.each { |path| puts path.filename.to_s }


# .bashrc
# .vimrc
# TODO.txt


dirs = home_dir.directories
dirs.count  #=> 2
dirs.each { |path| puts path.filename.to_s + "/"}


# .ssh/
# Documents/


The filepath library does not require any external library: it relies complitely on functionalities available in the Ruby's core classes.

The filepath library has been tested and found compatible with Ruby 1.9.3, Ruby 2.3 and JRuby 9.1.x.x.


gem install filepath



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This is free software released into the public domain (CC0 license).

See the COPYING file or for more details.