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Ronn Guard plugin automatically build manuals when markdown source files are modified.

  • Compatible with Ronn ~> 0.7.
  • Tested against Ruby 2.0.0, 2.1.7, 2.2.3 & Rubinius (1.9 mode only).


Please be sure to have Guard installed before continuing.

Add the gem to your Gemfile (inside the :development or :tool group):

group :development do
  gem 'guard-ronn'

Add guard definition to your Guardfile by running this command:

$ guard init ronn


Please read Guard usage doc.

By default, Guard::Ronn watch for files with the .ronn, .md or .markdown extension in the man directory.


See the template Guardfile for some examples.

Please read the Guard documentation for more info about the Guardfile DSL.


You can pass any of the standard Ronn CLI options using the :cli option:

guard 'ronn', cli: "--html" do
  # ...

Available options

cli: '--html'  # pass arbitrary Ronn CLI arguments, default: ''
bundler: false # don't use "bundle exec" to run the Ronn command, default: true

Bonus: reading gems' man pages from the man command

You can use the awesome gem-man by defunkt.


Pull requests are very welcome! Please try to follow these simple rules if applicable:

  • Please create a topic branch for every separate change you make.
  • Make sure your patches are well tested. All specs must pass on Travis CI.
  • Update the Yard documentation.
  • Update the README.
  • Please do not change the version number.

For questions please join us in our Google group or on #guard (


Rémy Coutable