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HTML Filter library can be used to sanitize and sterilize HTML. A good idea if you let users submit HTML in comments, for instance.

This library also include CSSFilter. The CSSFilter class will clean-up a cascading style sheet. It can be used to remove whitespace and most importantly remove URLs.


  • Based on well-worn PHP library.
  • Regular expression based filtering.
  • Very efficient for small snippets, like blog comments.
  • Pure-Ruby and no dependencies.
  • Also has library to clean and compact cascading stylesheets.


Via the class.

html = "<b>hello</b>"

Or using the String extension.

html.html_filter(options)  #=> "<b>hello</b>"

See API documentation for more information.


Of course, RubyGems is the answer:

$ gem install htmlfilter


HTMLFilter is hosted on GitHub.

HTMLFilter is a Rubyworks project.


Thanks to Jang Kim for adding support for single quoted attributes.

HtmlFilter is a port of lib_filter.php, v1.15 by Cal Henderson [email protected]. This code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. See


  • Copyright (c) 2009 Rubyworks (BSD-2-Clause)
  • Copyright (c) 2007 Cal Henderson (CC-BY-SA)

See LICENSE.txt and for details.