Getting Help

If you have questions or need help, please email the Samvera community tech list or stop by the #dev channel in the Samvera Community Slack Workspace.

The Hyrax wiki gathers documentation as the community tries things and learns what works. There is useful knowledge and history there but please keep in mind that this information can age quickly. Refer to the for the best updated guidance we have to offer.

Reporting Issues

If you would like to report an issue with Hyrax, first do search the list of issues to see if someone else has already reported it, and then feel free to create a new issue.

Reporting Security Issues

To report a security vulnerability, email the Samvera Board and the they will coordinate the community response. In your message, please document to the best of your ability cases (relevant software versions, conditions, etc.) where the vulnerability is applicable, the potential negative effects, and any known workarounds or fixes to mitigate the risk. The Board will communicate this to the Partners and the rest of the community in a timely fashion.