jacuzzi is superficial wrapper over RSpec + Capybara + Selenium test setup and execution. Think of it as "poor man's" continuous integration, uh, framework. Basically, it downloads RSpec specs from a git repo and runs them in Firefox.

jacuzzi assumes Ruby 1.9.2.


$ sudo gem install jacuzzi

Setup & Usage

  1. Make a website
  2. Write RSpec specs to test your website
  3. Put your RSpec specs in a git repo
  4. Run jacuzzi like this:
$ jacuzzi --app-host YOUR_WEBSITE --test-source YOUR_GIT_REPO


jacuzzi uses the MIT license.


Matthew Trost

To do

  • Add option for HTML report output
  • Allow user to specify the browser to use
  • Take a screenshot on test failure
  • Send test failure reports to Lighthouse