Jekyll Sitemap Generator Plugin

Jekyll plugin to silently generate a compliant sitemap for your Jekyll site

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  1. Add gem 'jekyll-sitemap' to your site's Gemfile
  2. Add the following to your site's _config.yml:
  - jekyll-sitemap

If all gem plugins have the same priority, they will be executed in the order they are required, generally. Thus, if you have other plugins which generate content and store that content in site.pages, site.posts, or site.collections, be sure to require jekyll-sitemap either after those other gems if you want the sitemap to include the generated content, or before those other gems if you don't want the sitemap to include the generated content from the gems. (Programming is hard.)

Developing locally

Use script/bootstrap to bootstrap your local development environment.

Use script/console to load a local IRB console with the Gem.


  1. script/bootstrap
  2. script/cibuild


  1. Fork the project
  2. Create a descriptively named feature branch
  3. Add your feature
  4. Submit a pull request


  1. If the sitemap.xml doesn't generate in the \_site folder ensure \_config.yml doesn't have safe: true. That prevents all plugins from working.