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Remove the characters that doesn’t match the given properties.

The character properties follow the rule of \p{} construct described in Regexp class. The \p{} construct matches characters with the named property, much like POSIX bracket classes.

To pass named properties to this filter, use them as Symbols:

Property Description
:Alnum Alphabetic and numeric character
:Alpha Alphabetic character
:Blank Space or tab
:Cntrl Control character
:Digit Digit
:Graph Non-blank character (excludes spaces, control characters, and similar)
:Lower Lowercase alphabetical character
:Print Like :Graph, but includes the space character
:Punct Punctuation character
:Space Whitespace character ([:blank:], newline, carriage return, etc.)
:Upper Uppercase alphabetical
:XDigit Digit allowed in a hexadecimal number (i.e., 0-9a-fA-F)
:Word A member of one of the following Unicode general category Letter, Mark, Number, Connector_Punctuation
:ASCII A character in the ASCII character set
:Any Any Unicode character (including unassigned characters)
:Assigned An assigned character

A Unicode character’s General Category value can also be matched with :Ab where Ab is the category’s abbreviation as described below:

Property Description
:L Letter
:Ll Letter: Lowercase
:Lm Letter: Mark
:Lo Letter: Other
:Lt Letter: Titlecase
:Lu Letter: Uppercas
:Lo Letter: Other
:M Mark
:Mn Mark: Nonspacing
:Mc Mark: Spacing Combining
:Me Mark: Enclosing
:N Number
:Nd Number: Decimal Digit
:Nl Number: Letter
:No Number: Other
:P Punctuation
:Pc Punctuation: Connector
:Pd Punctuation: Dash
:Ps Punctuation: Open
:Pe Punctuation: Close
:Pi Punctuation: Initial Quote
:Pf Punctuation: Final Quote
:Po Punctuation: Other
:S Symbol
:Sm Symbol: Math
:Sc Symbol: Currency
:Sc Symbol: Currency
:Sk Symbol: Modifier
:So Symbol: Other
:Z Separator
:Zs Separator: Space
:Zl Separator: Line
:Zp Separator: Paragraph
:C Other
:Cc Other: Control
:Cf Other: Format
:Cn Other: Not Assigned
:Co Other: Private Use
:Cs Other: Surrogate

Lastly, this method matches a character’s Unicode script. The following scripts are supported:

Arabic, Armenian, Balinese, Bengali, Bopomofo, Braille, Buginese, Buhid, Canadian_Aboriginal, Carian, Cham, Cherokee, Common, Coptic, Cuneiform, Cypriot, Cyrillic, Deseret, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Georgian, Glagolitic, Gothic, Greek, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Han, Hangul, Hanunoo, Hebrew, Hiragana, Inherited, Kannada, Katakana, Kayah_Li, Kharoshthi, Khmer, Lao, Latin, Lepcha, Limbu, Linear_B, Lycian, Lydian, Malayalam, Mongolian, Myanmar, New_Tai_Lue, Nko, Ogham, Ol_Chiki, Old_Italic, Old_Persian, Oriya, Osmanya, Phags_Pa, Phoenician, Rejang, Runic, Saurashtra, Shavian, Sinhala, Sundanese, Syloti_Nagri, Syriac, Tagalog, Tagbanwa, Tai_Le, Tamil, Telugu, Thaana, Thai, Tibetan, Tifinagh, Ugaritic, Vai, and Yi.


Out of box"Doom 3", :L)      #=> "Doom"    keep only letters"Doom 3", :N)      #=> "3"       keep only numbers"Doom 3", :L, :N)  #=> "Doom3"   keep only letters and numbers"Doom 3", :Lu, :N) #=> "D3"      keep only uppercased letters or numbers"Doom ˩", :Latin)  #=> "Doom"    keep only latin characters

Using as ActiveRecord::Base normalizer

normalize :attribute_a, :with => [[:keep, :Lu]]
normalize :attribute_b, :with => [{:keep =>[:Lu]}]
normalize :attribute_c, :with => [:custom_filter, [:keep, :Ll, :Space]]
normalize :attribute_d, :with => [:custom_filter, {:keep => [:Ll, :Space]}]

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Methods included from Helpers

acronym_regex, acronyms, evaluate_regexp, inflections, mb_send

Class Method Details

.call(input, *properties) ⇒ String

Performs input conversion according to filter requirements.

This method returns the object itself when the first argument is not a String.


  • input (String)

    The String to be filtered

  • properties ([Symbol]*)

    Symbols equivalent to Regexp property for \\p{} construct


  • (String)

    A new clean String

# File 'lib/normatron/filters/keep_filter.rb', line 112

def, *properties)
  input.kind_of?(String) ? evaluate_regexp(input, :keep, properties) : input