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This module contains several Session Proxy implementations, which can be used to decorate one or more Session objects and add extra functionality. The user can also implement their own Session Proxy classes; a Session Proxy must simply implement the same public API as the Sunspot::Session class.

When implementing a session proxy, some methods of Session may not be practical, or even logical, to implement. In this case, the method should raise a Sunspot::SessionProxy::NotSupportedError (several methods in the built-in session proxies raise this error).

To use a session proxy in normal Sunspot usage, you can use the Sunspot.session= method, which will cause Sunspot to delegate all of its session-related class methods (most of them) to the proxy. Session proxies can also easily be chained, although the details of chaining depend on the proxy implementation.

Example: Chain a MasterSlaveSessionProxy with a ThreadLocalSessionProxy
master_session =
slave_session =
master_session.config.solr.url = 'http://master-solr.local:9080/solr'
slave_session.config.solr.url = 'http://slave-solr.local:9080/solr'
Sunspot.session =, slave_session)

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Classes: AbstractSessionProxy, ClassShardingSessionProxy, IdShardingSessionProxy, MasterSlaveSessionProxy, ShardingSessionProxy, ThreadLocalSessionProxy

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NotSupportedError =