Have you ever needed to get at some details about a network interface from inside a Ruby script, but got stuck trying to parse the output of ethtool? If so, you’re one-in-a-million, but at least you don’t have to write an ethtool parser any more. use Rethtool instead!

At present, Rethtool only supports a couple of things:

  • Retrieve various details about the interface (link speed, duplex, etc).

  • Determine if the link is currently up or down.

Adding extra SIOCETHTOOL features is relatively straightforward, thanks to cstruct and the base infrastructure already in place, so feel free to have a hack and send me a patch.

Contributing to rethtool

Send me patches via e-mail, please ([email protected]). I might eventually notice a pull request on github, but e-mail goes straight to my frontal lobe.

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