4.0.0. / 2024-01-19

  • New: Add support for Rack 3 (#1857)

  • Require Ruby 2.7.8 as minimum Ruby version (#1993)

  • Breaking change: Drop support for Rack 2 (#1857)

    • Note: when using Sinatra to start the web server, you now need the rackup gem installed
  • Breaking change: Remove the IndifferentHash initializer (#1982)

  • Breaking change: Disable session_hijacking protection by default (#1984)

  • Breaking change: Remove Rack::Protection::EncryptedCookie (#1989)

3.2.0 / 2023-12-29

  • New: Add #except method to Sinatra::IndifferentHash (#1940)

  • New: Use Exception#detailed_message to show backtrace (#1952)

  • New: Add Sinatra::HamlHelpers to sinatra-contrib (#1960)

  • Fix: Add base64 to rack-protection runtime dependencies (#1946)

  • Fix: Avoid open-ended dependencies for sinatra-contrib and rack-protection (#1949)

  • Fix: Helpful message when Sinatra::Runner times out (#1975)

  • Fix: Ruby 3.3 + Bundler 2.5 compatibility (#1975)

3.1.0 / 2023-08-07

  • New: Add sass support via sass-embedded #1911 by なつき

  • New: Add start and stop callbacks #1913 by Jevin Sew

  • New: Warn on dropping sessions #1900 by Jonathan del Strother

  • New: Make Puma the default server #1924 by Patrik Ragnarsson

  • Fix: Remove use of Tilt::Cache #1922 by Jeremy Evans (allows use of Tilt 2.2.0 without deprecation warning)

  • Fix: rack-protection: specify rack version requirement #1932 by Patrik Ragnarsson

3.0.6 / 2023-04-11

  • Fix: Add support to keep open streaming connections with Puma #1858 by Jordan Owens

  • Fix: Avoid crash in uri helper on Integer input #1890 by Patrik Ragnarsson

  • Fix: Rescue RuntimeError when trying to use SecureRandom #1888 by Stefan Sundin

3.0.5 / 2022-12-16

  • Fix: Add Zeitwerk compatibility. #1831 by Dawid Janczak

  • Fix: Allow CALLERS_TO_IGNORE to be overridden

3.0.4 / 2022-11-25

  • Fix: Escape filename in the Content-Disposition header. #1841 by Kunpei Sakai

3.0.3 / 2022-11-11

  • Fix: fixed ReDoS for Rack::Protection::IPSpoofing. #1823 by @ooooooo-q

3.0.2 / 2022-10-01

  • New: Add Haml 6 support. #1820 by Jordan Owens

3.0.1 / 2022-09-26

  • Fix: Revert removal of rack-protection.rb. #1814 by Olle Jonsson

  • Fix: Revert change to server start and stop messaging by using Kernel#warn. Renamed internal warn method warn_for_deprecation. #1818 by Jordan Owens

3.0.0 / 2022-09-26

  • New: Add Falcon support. #1794 by Samuel Williams and @horaciob

  • New: Add AES GCM encryption support for session cookies. #1324 by Michael Coyne

  • Deprecated: Sinatra Reloader will be removed in the next major release.

  • Fix: Internal Sinatra errors now extend Sinatra::Error. This fixes #1204 and #1518. bda8c29d by Jordan Owens

  • Fix: Preserve query param value if named route param nil. #1676 by Jordan Owens

  • Require Ruby 2.6 as minimum Ruby version. #1699 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for the Stylus template engine. #1697 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for the erubis template engine. #1761 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for the textile template engine. #1766 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for SASS as a template engine. #1768 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for Wlang as a template engine. #1780 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for CoffeeScript as a template engine. #1790 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for Mediawiki as a template engine. #1791 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for Creole as a template engine. #1792 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for Radius as a template engine. #1793 by Eloy Pérez

  • Breaking change: Remove support for the defunct Less templating library. See #1716, #1715 for more discussion and background. d1af2f1e by Olle Jonsson

  • Breaking change: Remove Reel integration. 54597502 by Olle Jonsson

  • CI: Start testing on Ruby 3.1. 60e221940 and b0fa4bef by Johannes Würbach

  • Use Kernel#caller_locations. #1491 by Julik Tarkhanov

  • Docs: Japanese documentation: Add notes about the default_content_type setting. #1650 by Akifumi Tominaga

  • Docs: Polish documentation: Add section about Multithreaded modes and Routes. #1708 by Patrick Gramatowski

  • Docs: Japanese documentation: Make Session section reflect changes done to README.md. #1731 by @shu-i-chi

2.2.3 / 2022-11-25

  • Fix: Escape filename in the Content-Disposition header. #1841 by Kunpei Sakai

  • Fix: fixed ReDoS for Rack::Protection::IPSpoofing. #1823 by @ooooooo-q

2.2.2 / 2022-07-23

  • Update mustermann dependency to version 2.

2.2.1 / 2022-07-15

  • Fix JRuby regression by using ruby2_keywords for delegation. #1750 by Patrik Ragnarsson

  • Add JRuby to CI. #1755 by Karol Bucek

2.2.0 / 2022-02-15

  • Breaking change: Add #select, #reject and #compact methods to Sinatra::IndifferentHash. If hash keys need to be converted to symbols, call #to_h to get a Hash instance first. #1711 by Olivier Bellone

  • Handle EOFError raised by Rack and return Bad Request 400 status. #1743 by tamazon

  • Minor refactors in base.rb. #1640 by ceclinux

  • Add escaping to the static 404 page. #1645 by Chris Gavin

  • Remove detect_rack_handler method. #1652 by ceclinux

  • Respect content type set in superclass before filter. Fixes #1647 #1649 by Jordan Owens

  • Revert "Use prepend instead of include for helpers. #1662 by namusyaka

  • Fix usage of inherited Sinatra::Base classes keyword arguments. Fixes #1669 #1670 by Cadu Ribeiro

  • Reduce RDoc generation time by not including every README. Fixes #1578 #1671 by Eloy Pérez

  • Add support for per form csrf tokens. Fixes #1616 #1653 by Jordan Owens

  • Update MAINTENANCE.md with the stable branch status. #1681 by Fredrik Rubensson

  • Validate expanded path matches public_dir when serving static files. #1683 by cji-stripe

  • Fix Delegator to pass keyword arguments for Ruby 3.0. #1684 by andrewtblake

  • Fix use with keyword arguments for Ruby 3.0. #1701 by Robin Wallin

  • Fix memory leaks for proc template. Fixes #1704 #1719 by Slevin

  • Remove unnecessary test_files from the gemspec. #1712 by Masataka Pocke Kuwabara

  • Docs: Spanish documentation: Update README.es.md with removal of Thin. #1630 by Espartaco Palma

  • Docs: German documentation: Fixed typos in German README.md. #1648 by Juri

  • Docs: Japanese documentation: Update README.ja.md with removal of Thin. #1629 by Ryuichi KAWAMATA

  • Docs: English documentation: Various minor fixes to README.md. #1663 by Yanis Zafirópulos

  • Docs: English documentation: Document when dump_errors is enabled. Fixes #1664 #1665 by Patrik Ragnarsson

  • Docs: Brazilian Portuguese documentation: Update README.pt-br.md with translation fixes. #1668 by Vitor Oliveira


  • Use latest JRuby on CI. #1682 by Olle Jonsson

  • Switch CI from travis to GitHub Actions. #1691 by namusyaka

  • Skip the Slack action if secrets.SLACK_WEBHOOK is not set. #1705 by Robin Wallin

  • Small CI improvements. #1703 by Robin Wallin

  • Drop auto-generated boilerplate comments from CI configuration file. #1728 by Olle Jonsson


  • Do not raise when key is an enumerable. #1619 by Ulysse Buonomo

Rack protection

  • Fix broken origin_whitelist option. Fixes #1641 #1642 by Takeshi YASHIRO

2.1.0 / 2020-09-05

  • Fix additional Ruby 2.7 keyword warnings #1586 by Stefan Sundin

  • Drop Ruby 2.2 support #1455 by Eloy Pérez

  • Add Rack::Protection::ReferrerPolicy #1291 by Stefan Sundin

  • Add default_content_type setting. Fixes #1238 #1239 by Mike Pastore

  • Allow set :<engine> in sinatra-namespace #1255 by Christian Höppner

  • Use prepend instead of include for helpers. Fixes #1213 #1214 by Mike Pastore

  • Fix issue with passed routes and provides Fixes #1095 #1606 by Mike Pastore, Jordan Owens

  • Add QuietLogger that excludes pathes from Rack::CommonLogger 1250 by Christoph Wagner

  • Sinatra::Contrib dependency updates. Fixes #1207 #1411 by Mike Pastore

  • Allow CSP to fallback to default-src. Fixes #1484 #1490 by Jordan Owens

  • Replace origin_whitelist with permitted_origins. Closes #1620 #1625 by rhymes

  • Use Rainbows instead of thin for async/stream features. Closes #1624 #1627 by Ryuichi KAWAMATA

  • Enable EscapedParams if passed via settings. Closes #1615 #1632 by Anders Bälter

  • Support for parameters in mime types. Fixes #1141 by John Hope

  • Handle null byte when serving static files #1574 by Kush Fanikiso

  • Improve development support and documentation and source code by Olle Jonsson, Pierre-Adrien Buisson, Shota Iguchi / 2020-01-02

  • Allow multiple hashes to be passed in merge and merge! for Sinatra::IndifferentHash #1572 by Shota Iguchi

2.0.8 / 2020-01-01

  • Lookup Tilt class for template engine without loading files #1558. Fixes #1172 by Jordan Owens

  • Add request info in NotFound exception #1566 by Stefan Sundin

  • Add .yaml support in Sinatra::Contrib::ConfigFile #1564. Fixes #1563 by Emerson Manabu Araki

  • Remove only routing parameters from @params hash #1569. Fixes #1567 by Jordan Owens, Horacio

  • Support capture and content_for with Hamlit #1580 by Takashi Kokubun

  • Eliminate warnings of keyword parameter for Ruby 2.7.0 #1581 by Osamtimizer

2.0.7 / 2019-08-22

  • Fix a regression #1560 by Kunpei Sakai

2.0.6 / 2019-08-21

  • Fix an issue setting environment from command line option #1547, #1554 by Jordan Owens, Kunpei Sakai

  • Support pandoc as a new markdown renderer #1533 by Vasiliy

  • Remove outdated code for tilt 1.x #1532 by Vasiliy

  • Remove an extra logic for force_encoding #1527 by Jordan Owens

  • Avoid multiple errors even if params contains special values #1526 by Kunpei Sakai

  • Support bundler/inline with require 'sinatra' integration #1520 by Kunpei Sakai

  • Avoid TypeError when params contain a key without a value on Ruby < 2.4 #1516 by Samuel Giddins

  • Improve development support and documentation and source code by Olle Jonsson, Basavanagowda Kanur, Yuki MINAMIYA

2.0.5 / 2018-12-22

  • Avoid FrozenError when params contains frozen value #1506 by Kunpei Sakai

  • Add support for Erubi #1494 by @tkmru

  • IndifferentHash monkeypatch warning improvements #1477 by Mike Pastore

  • Improve development support and documentation and source code by Anusree Prakash, Jordan Owens, @ceclinux and @krororo.


  • Add flush option to content_for #1225 by Shota Iguchi

  • Drop activesupport dependency from sinatra-contrib #1448

  • Update yield_content to append default to ERB template buffer #1500 by Jordan Owens


  • Don't track the Accept-Language header by default #1504 by Artem Chistyakov

2.0.4 / 2018-09-15

  • Don't blow up when passing frozen string to send_file disposition #1137 by Andrew Selder

  • Fix ubygems LoadError #1436 by Pavel Rosický

  • Unescape regex captures #1446 by Jordan Owens

  • Slight performance improvements for IndifferentHash #1427 by Mike Pastore

  • Improve development support and documentation and source code by Will Yang, Jake Craige, Grey Baker and Guilherme Goettems Schneider

2.0.3 / 2018-06-09

  • Fix the backports gem regression #1442 by Marc-André Lafortune

2.0.2 / 2018-06-05

  • Escape invalid query parameters #1432 by Kunpei Sakai

  • Fix undefined method error for Sinatra::RequiredParams with hash key #1431 by Arpit Chauhan

  • Add xml content-types to valid html_types for Rack::Protection #1413 by Reenan Arbitrario

  • Encode route parameters using :default_encoding setting #1412 by Brian m. Carlson

  • Fix unpredictable behaviour from Sinatra::ConfigFile #1244 by John Hope

  • Add Sinatra::IndifferentHash#slice #1405 by Shota Iguchi

  • Remove status code 205 from drop body response #1398 by Shota Iguchi

  • Ignore empty captures from params #1390 by Shota Iguchi

  • Improve development support and documentation and source code by Zp Yuan, Andreas Finger, Olle Jonsson, Shota Iguchi, Nikita Bulai and Joshua O'Brien

2.0.1 / 2018-02-17

  • Repair nested namespaces, by avoiding prefix duplication #1322. Fixes #1310 by Kunpei Sakai

  • Add pattern matches to values for Mustermann::Concat #1333. Fixes #1332 by Dawa Ometto

  • Ship the VERSION file with the gem, to allow local unpacking #1338 by Olle Jonsson

  • Fix issue with custom error handler on bad request #1351. Fixes #1350 by Jordan Owens

  • Override Rack::ShowExceptions#pretty to set custom template #1377. Fixes #1376 by Jordan Owens

  • Enhanced path validation in Windows #1379 by Orange Tsai from DEVCORE

  • Improve development support and documentation by Faheel Ahmad, Shota Iguchi, Olle Jonsson, Manabu Niseki, John Hope, Horacio, Ice-Storm, GraniteRock, Raman Skaskevich, Carlos Azuaje, 284km, Dan Rice and Zachary Scott

2.0.0 / 2017-04-10

  • Use Mustermann for patterns #1086 by Konstantin Haase

  • Server now provides -q flag for quiet mode, which disables start/stop messages #1153 by Vasiliy.

  • Session middleware can now be specified with :session_store setting #1161 by Jordan Owens.

  • APP_ENV is now preferred and recommended over RACK_ENV for setting environment #984 by Damien Mathieu.

  • Add Reel support #793 by Patricio Mac Adden.

  • Make route params available during error handling #895 by Jeremy Evans.

  • Unify not_found and error 404 behavior #896 by Jeremy Evans.

  • Enable Ruby 2.3 frozen_string_literal feature #1076 by Vladimir Kochnev.

  • Add Sinatra::ShowExceptions::TEMPLATE and patched Rack::ShowExceptions to prefer Sinatra template by Zachary Scott.

  • Sinatra::Runner is used internally for integration tests #840 by Nick Sutterer.

  • Fix case-sensitivity issue in uri method #889 by rennex.

  • Use Rack::Utils.status_code to allow status helper to use symbol as well as numeric codes #968 by Tobias H. Michaelsen.

  • Improved error handling for invalid params through Rack #1070 by Jordan Owens.

  • Ensure template is cached only once #1021 by Patrik Rak.

  • Rack middleware is initialized at server runtime rather than after receiving first request #1205 by Itamar Turner-Trauring.

  • Improve Session Secret documentation to encourage better security practices #1218 by Glenn Rempe

  • Exposed global and per-route options for Mustermann route parsing #1233 by Mike Pastore

  • Use same session_secret for classic and modular apps in development #1245 by Marcus Stollsteimer

  • Make authenticity token length a fixed value of 32 #1181 by Jordan Owens

  • Modernize Rack::Protection::ContentSecurityPolicy with CSP Level 2 and 3 Directives #1202 by Glenn Rempe

  • Adds preload option to Rack:Protection:StrictTransport #1209 by Ed Robinson

  • Improve BadRequest logic. Raise and handle exceptions if status is 400 #1212 by Mike Pastore

  • Make Rack::Test a development dependency #1232 by Mike Pastore

  • Capture exception messages of raised NotFound and BadRequest #1210 by Mike Pastore

  • Add explicit set method to contrib/cookies to override cookie settings #1240 by Andrew Allen

  • Avoid executing filters even if prefix matches with other namespace #1253 by namusyaka

  • Make #has_key? also indifferent in access, can accept String or Symbol #1262 by Stephen Paul Weber

  • Add allow_if option to bypass json csrf protection #1265 by Jordan Owens

  • rack-protection: Bundle StrictTransport, CookieTossing, and CSP #1267 by Mike Pastore

  • Add :strict_paths option for managing trailing slashes #1273 by namusyaka

  • Add full IndifferentHash implementation to params #1279 by Mike Pastore

1.4.8 / 2017-01-30

  • Fix the deprecation warning from Ruby about Fixnum. #1235 by Akira Matsuda

1.4.7 / 2016-01-24

  • Add Ashley Williams, Trevor Bramble, and Kashyap Kondamudi to team Sinatra.

  • Correctly handle encoded colons in routes. (Jeremy Evans)

  • Rename CHANGES to CHANGELOG.md and update Rakefile. #1043 (Eliza Sorensen)

  • Improve documentation. #941, #1069, #1075, #1025, #1052 (Many great folks)

  • Introduce Sinatra::Ext to workaround Rack 1.6 bug to fix Ruby 1.8.7 support. #1080 (Zachary Scott)

  • Add CONTRIBUTING guide. #987 (Katrina Owen)

1.4.6 / 2015-03-23

  • Improve tests and documentation. (Darío Hereñú, Seiichi Yonezawa, kyoendo, John Voloski, Ferenc-, Renaud Martinet, Christian Haase, marocchino, huoxito, Damir Svrtan, Amaury Medeiros, Jeremy Evans, Kashyap, shenqihui, Ausmarton Fernandes, kami, Vipul A M, Lei Wu, 7stud, Taylor Shuler, namusyaka, burningTyger, Cornelius Bock, detomastah, hakeda, John Hope, Ruben Gonzalez, Andrey Deryabin, attilaolah, Anton Davydov, Nikita Penzin, Dyego Costa)

  • Remove duplicate require of sinatra/base. (Alexey Muranov)

  • Escape HTML in 404 error page. (Andy Brody)

  • Refactor to method call in Stream#close and #callback. (Damir Svrtan)

  • Depend on latest version of Slim. (Damir Svrtan)

  • Fix compatibility with Tilt version 2. (Yegor Timoschenko)

  • Fix compatibility issue with Rack pretty method from ShowExceptions. (Kashyap)

  • Show date in local time in exception messages. (tayler1)

  • Fix logo on error pages when using Ruby 1.8. (Jeremy Evans)

  • Upgrade test suite to Minitest version 5 and fix Ruby 2.2 compatibility. (Vipul A M)

1.4.5 / 2014-04-08

  • Improve tests and documentation. (Seiichi Yonezawa, Mike Gehard, Andrew Deitrick, Matthew Nicholas Bradley, GoGo tanaka, Carlos Lazo, Shim Tw, kyoendo, Roman Kuznietsov, Stanislav Chistenko, Ryunosuke SATO, Ben Lewis, wuleicanada, Patricio Mac Adden, Thais Camilo)

  • Fix Ruby warnings. (Vipul A M, Piotr Szotkowski)

  • Fix template cache memory leak. (Scott Holden)

  • Work around UTF-8 bug in JRuby. (namusyaka)

  • Don't set charset for JSON mime-type (Sebastian Borrazas)

  • Fix bug in request.accept? that might trigger a NoMethodError. (sbonami)

1.4.4 / 2013-10-21

  • Allow setting layout to false specifically for a single rendering engine. (Matt Wildig)

  • Allow using wildcard in argument passed to request.accept?. (wilkie)

  • Treat missing Accept header like wild card. (Patricio Mac Adden)

  • Improve tests and documentation. (Darío Javier Cravero, Armen P., michelc, Patricio Mac Adden, Matt Wildig, Vipul A M, utenmiki, George Timoschenko, Diogo Scudelletti)

  • Fix Ruby warnings. (Vipul A M, Patricio Mac Adden)

  • Improve self-hosted server started by run! method or in classic mode. (Tobias Bühlmann)

  • Reduce objects allocated per request. (Vipul A M)

  • Drop unused, undocumented options hash from Sinatra.new. (George Timoschenko)

  • Keep Content-Length header when response is a Rack::File or when streaming. (Patricio Mac Adden, George Timoschenko)

  • Use reel if it's the only server available besides webrick. (Tobias Bühlmann)

  • Add disable :traps so setting up signal traps for self hosted server can be skipped. (George Timoschenko)

  • The status option passed to send_file may now be a string. (George Timoschenko)

  • Reduce file size of dev mode images for 404 and 500 pages. (Francis Go)

1.4.3 / 2013-06-07

  • Running a Sinatra file directly or via run! it will now ignore an empty $PORT env variable. (noxqsgit)

  • Improve documentation. (burningTyger, Patricio Mac Adden, Konstantin Haase, Diogo Scudelletti, Dominic Imhof)

  • Expose matched pattern as env["sinatra.route"]. (Aman Gupta)

  • Fix warning on Ruby 2.0. (Craig Little)

  • Improve running subset of tests in isolation. (Viliam Pucik)

  • Reorder private/public methods. (Patricio Mac Adden)

  • Loosen version dependency for rack, so it runs with Rails 3.2. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Request#accept? now returns true instead of a truthy value. (Alan Harris)

1.4.2 / 2013-03-21

  • Fix parsing error for case where both the pattern and the captured part contain a dot. (Florian Hanke, Konstantin Haase)

  • Missing Accept header is treated like /. (Greg Denton)

  • Improve documentation. (Patricio Mac Adden, Joe Bottigliero)

1.4.1 / 2013-03-15

  • Make delegated methods available in config.ru (Konstantin Haase)

1.4.0 / 2013-03-15

  • Add support for LINK and UNLINK requests. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Add support for Yajl templates. (Jamie Hodge)

  • Add support for Rabl templates. (Jesse Cooke)

  • Add support for Wlang templates. (Bernard Lambeau)

  • Add support for Stylus templates. (Juan David Pastas, Konstantin Haase)

  • You can now pass a block to ERb, Haml, Slim, Liquid and Wlang templates, which will be used when calling yield in the template. (Alexey Muranov)

  • When running in classic mode, no longer include Sinatra::Delegator in Object, instead extend the main object only. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Improved route parsing: "/:name.?:format?" with "/foo.png" now matches to "foo", format: "png" instead of "foo.png". (Florian Hanke)

  • Add :status option support to send_file. (Konstantin Haase)

  • The provides condition now respects an earlier set content type. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Exception#code is only used when :use_code is enabled. Moreover, it will be ignored if the value is not between 400 and 599. You should use Exception#http_status instead. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Status, headers and body will be set correctly in an after filter when using halt in a before filter or route. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Sinatra::Base.new now returns a Sinatra::Wrapper instance, exposing #settings and #helpers, yet going through the middleware stack on #call. It also implements a nice #inspect, so it plays nice with Rails' rake routes. (Konstantin Haase)

  • In addition to WebRick, Thin and Mongrel, Sinatra will now automatically pick up Puma, Trinidad, ControlTower or Net::HTTP::Server when installed. The logic for picking the server has been improved and now depends on the Ruby implementation used. (Mark Rada, Konstantin Haase, Patricio Mac Adden)

  • "Sinatra doesn't know this ditty" pages now show the app class when running a modular application. This helps detecting where the response came from when combining multiple modular apps. (Konstantin Haase)

  • When port is not set explicitly, use $PORT env variable if set and only default to 4567 if not. Plays nice with foreman. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Allow setting layout on a per engine basis. (Zachary Scott, Konstantin Haase)

  • You can now use register directly in a classic app. (Konstantin Haase)

  • redirect now accepts URI or Addressable::URI instances. (Nicolas Sanguinetti)

  • Have Content-Disposition header also include file name for inline, not just for attachment. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Better compatibility to Rack 1.5. (James Tucker, Konstantin Haase)

  • Make route parsing regex more robust. (Zoltan Dezso, Konstantin Haase)

  • Improve Accept header parsing, expose parameters. (Pieter van de Bruggen, Konstantin Haase)

  • Add layout_options render option. Allows you, amongst other things, to render a layout from a different folder. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Explicitly setting layout to nil is treated like setting it to false. (richo)

  • Properly escape attributes in Content-Type header. (Pieter van de Bruggen)

  • Default to only serving localhost in development mode. (Postmodern)

  • Setting status code to 404 in error handler no longer triggers not_found handler. (Konstantin Haase)

  • The protection option now takes a session key for force disabling/enabling session based protections. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Add x_cascade option to disable X-Cascade header on missing route. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Improve documentation. (Kashyap, Stanislav Chistenko, Zachary Scott, Anthony Accomazzo, Peter Suschlik, Rachel Mehl, ymmtmsys, Anurag Priyam, burningTyger, Tony Miller, akicho8, Vasily Polovnyov, Markus Prinz, Alexey Muranov, Erik Johnson, Vipul A M, Konstantin Haase)

  • Convert documentation to Markdown. (Kashyap, Robin Dupret, burningTyger, Vasily Polovnyov, Iain Barnett, Giuseppe Capizzi, Neil West)

  • Don't set not_found content type to HTML in development mode with custom not_found handler. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix mixed indentation for private methods. (Robin Dupret)

  • Recalculate Content-Length even if hard coded if body is reset. Relevant mostly for error handlers. (Nathan Esquenazi, Konstantin Haase)

  • Plus sign is once again kept as such when used for URL matches. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Take views option into account for template caching. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Consistent use of headers instead of header internally. (Patricio Mac Adden)

  • Fix compatibility to RDoc 4. (Bohuslav Kabrda)

  • Make chat example work with latest jQuery. (loveky, Tony Miller)

  • Make tests run without warnings. (Patricio Mac Adden)

  • Make sure value returned by mime_type is a String or nil, even when a different object is passed in, like an AcceptEntry. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Exceptions in after filter are now handled like any other exception. (Nathan Esquenazi)

1.3.6 (backport release) / 2013-03-15

Backported from 1.4.0:

  • Take views option into account for template caching. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Improve documentation (Konstantin Haase)

  • No longer override define_singleton_method. (Konstantin Haase)

1.3.5 / 2013-02-25

  • Fix for RubyGems 2.0 (Uchio KONDO)

  • Improve documentation (Konstantin Haase)

  • No longer override define_singleton_method. (Konstantin Haase)

1.3.4 / 2013-01-26

  • Improve documentation. (Kashyap, Stanislav Chistenko, Konstantin Haase, ymmtmsys, Anurag Priyam)

  • Adjustments to template system to work with Tilt edge. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix streaming with latest Rack release. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix default content type for Sinatra::Response with latest Rack release. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix regression where + was no longer treated like space. (Ross Boucher)

  • Status, headers and body will be set correctly in an after filter when using halt in a before filter or route. (Konstantin Haase)

1.3.3 / 2012-08-19

  • Improved documentation. (burningTyger, Konstantin Haase, Gabriel Andretta, Anurag Priyam, michelc)

  • No longer modify the load path. (Konstantin Haase)

  • When keeping a stream open, set up callback/errback correctly to deal with clients closing the connection. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix bug where having a query param and a URL param by the same name would concatenate the two values. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Prevent duplicated log output when application is already wrapped in a Rack::CommonLogger. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix issue where Rack::Link and Rails were preventing indefinite streaming. (Konstantin Haase)

  • No longer cause warnings when running Ruby with -w. (Konstantin Haase)

  • HEAD requests on static files no longer report a Content-Length of 0, but instead the proper length. (Konstantin Haase)

  • When protecting against CSRF attacks, drop the session instead of refusing the request. (Konstantin Haase)

1.3.2 / 2011-12-30

  • Don't automatically add Rack::CommonLogger if Rack::Server is adding it, too. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Setting logging to nil will avoid setting up Rack::NullLogger. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Route specific params are now available in the block passed to #stream. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix bug where rendering a second template in the same request, after the first one raised an exception, skipped the default layout. (Nathan Baum)

  • Fix bug where parameter escaping got enabled when disabling a different protection. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix regression: Filters without a pattern may now again manipulate the params hash. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Added examples directory. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Improved documentation. (Gabriel Andretta, Markus Prinz, Erick Zetta, Just Lest, Adam Vaughan, Aleksander Dąbrowski)

  • Improved MagLev support. (Tim Felgentreff)

1.3.1 / 2011-10-05

  • Support adding more than one callback to the stream object. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix for infinite loop when streaming on 1.9.2 with Thin from a modular application (Konstantin Haase)

1.3.0 / 2011-09-30

  • Added stream helper method for easily creating streaming APIs, Server Sent Events or even WebSockets. See README for more on that topic. (Konstantin Haase)

  • If a HTTP 1.1 client is redirected from a different verb than GET, use 303 instead of 302 by default. You may still pass 302 explicitly. Fixes AJAX redirects in Internet Explorer 9 (to be fair, everyone else is doing it wrong and IE is behaving correct). (Konstantin Haase)

  • Added support for HTTP PATCH requests. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Use rack-protection to defend against common opportunistic attacks. (Josh Lane, Jacob Burkhart, Konstantin Haase)

  • Support for Creole templates, Creole is a standardized wiki markup, supported by many wiki implementations. (Konstanin Haase)

  • The erubis method has been deprecated. If Erubis is available, Sinatra will automatically use it for rendering ERB templates. require 'erb' explicitly to prevent that behavior. (Magnus Holm, Ryan Tomayko, Konstantin Haase)

  • Patterns now match against the escaped URLs rather than the unescaped version. This makes Sinatra confirm with RFC 2396 section 2.2 and RFC 2616 section 3.2.3 (escaped reserved characters should not be treated like the unescaped version), meaning that "/:name" will also match /foo%2Fbar, but not /foo/bar. To avoid incompatibility, pattern matching has been adjusted. Moreover, since we do no longer need to keep an unescaped version of path_info around, we handle all changes to env['PATH_INFO'] correctly. (Konstantin Haase)

  • settings.app_file now defaults to the file subclassing Sinatra::Base in modular applications. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Set up Rack::Logger or Rack::NullLogger depending on whether logging was enabled or not. Also, expose that logger with the logger helper method. (Konstantin Haase)

  • The sessions setting may be an options hash now. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Important: Ruby 1.8.6 support has been dropped. This version also depends on at least Rack 1.3.0. This means that it is incompatible with Rails prior to 3.1.0. Please use 1.2.x if you require an earlier version of Ruby or Rack, which we will continue to supply with bug fixes. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Renamed :public to :public_folder to avoid overriding Ruby's built-in public method/keyword. set(:public, ...) is still possible but shows a warning. (Konstantin Haase)

  • It is now possible to use a different target class for the top level DSL (aka classic style) than Sinatra::Application by setting Delegator.target. This was mainly introduced to ease testing. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Error handlers defined for an error class will now also handle subclasses of that class, unless more specific error handlers exist. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Error handling respects Exception#code, again. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Changing a setting will merge hashes: set(:x, :a => 1); set(:x :b => 2) will result in {:a => 1, :b => 2}. Use set(:x, {:a => 1}, true) to avoid this behavior. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Added request.accept? and request.preferred_type to ease dealing with Accept headers. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Added :static_cache_control setting to automatically set cache control headers to static files. (Kenichi Nakamura)

  • Added informal?, success?, redirect?, client_error?, server_error? and not_found? helper methods to ease dealing with status codes. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Uses SecureRandom to generate default session secret. (Konstantin Haase)

  • The attachment helper will set Content-Type (if it hasn't been set yet) depending on the supplied file name. (Vasiliy Ermolovich)

  • Conditional requests on etag helper now work properly for unsafe HTTP methods. (Matthew Schinckel, Konstantin Haase)

  • The last_modified helper does not stop execution and change the status code if the status code is something different than 200. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Added support for If-Unmodified-Since header. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Sinatra::Base.run! now prints to stderr rather than stdout. (Andrew Armenia)

  • Sinatra::Base.run! takes a block allowing access to the Rack handler. (David Waite)

  • Automatic app_file detection now works in directories containing brackets (Konstantin Haase)

  • Exception objects are now passed to error handlers. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Improved documentation. (Emanuele Vicentini, Peter Higgins, Takanori Ishikawa, Konstantin Haase)

  • Also specify charset in Content-Type header for JSON. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Rack handler names will not be converted to lower case internally, this allows you to run Sinatra with custom Rack handlers, like Kirk or Mongrel2. Example: ruby app.rb -s Mongrel2 (Konstantin Haase)

  • Ignore to_ary on response bodies. Fixes compatibility to Rails 3.1. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Middleware setup is now distributed across multiple methods, allowing Sinatra extensions to easily hook into the setup process. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Internal refactoring and minor performance improvements. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Move Sinatra::VERSION to separate file, so it can be checked without loading Sinatra. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Command line options now complain if value passed to -p is not a valid integer. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix handling of broken query params when displaying exceptions. (Luke Jahnke)

1.2.9 (backports release) / 2013-03-15


  • Display EOL warning when loading Sinatra. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Improve documentation. (Anurag Priyam, Konstantin Haase)

  • Do not modify the load path. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Display deprecation warning if RUBY_IGNORE_CALLERS is used. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Add backports library so we can still run on Ruby 1.8.6. (Konstantin Haase)

1.2.8 (backports release) / 2011-12-30

Backported from 1.3.2:

  • Fix bug where rendering a second template in the same request after the first one raised an exception skipped the default layout (Nathan Baum)

1.2.7 (backports release) / 2011-09-30

Custom changes:

  • Fix Ruby 1.8.6 issue with Accept header parsing. (Konstantin Haase)

Backported from 1.3.0:

  • Ignore to_ary on response bodies. Fixes compatibility to Rails 3.1. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Sinatra.run! now prints to stderr rather than stdout. (Andrew Armenia)

  • Automatic app_file detection now works in directories containing brackets (Konstantin Haase)

  • Improved documentation. (Emanuele Vicentini, Peter Higgins, Takanori Ishikawa, Konstantin Haase)

  • Also specify charset in Content-Type header for JSON. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Rack handler names will not be converted to lower case internally, this allows you to run Sinatra with custom Rack handlers, like Kirk or Mongrel2. Example: ruby app.rb -s Mongrel2 (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix uninitialized instance variable warning. (David Kellum)

  • Command line options now complain if value passed to -p is not a valid integer. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix handling of broken query params when displaying exceptions. (Luke Jahnke)

1.2.6 / 2011-05-01

  • Fix broken delegation, backport delegation tests from Sinatra 1.3. (Konstantin Haase)

1.2.5 / 2011-04-30

  • Restore compatibility with Ruby 1.8.6. (Konstantin Haase)

1.2.4 / 2011-04-30

  • Sinatra::Application (classic style) does not use a session secret in development mode, so sessions are not invalidated after every request when using Shotgun. (Konstantin Haase)

  • The request object was shared between multiple Sinatra instances in the same middleware chain. This caused issues if any non-sinatra routing happened in-between two of those instances, or running a request twice against an application (described in the README). The caching was reverted. See GH#239 and GH#256 for more infos. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fixes issues where the top level DSL was interfering with method_missing proxies. This issue surfaced when Rails 3 was used with older Sass versions and Sinatra >= 1.2.0. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Sinatra::Delegator.delegate is now able to delegate any method names, even those containing special characters. This allows better integration into other programming languages on Rubinius (probably on the JVM, too), like Fancy. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Remove HEAD request logic and let Rack::Head handle it instead. (Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta)

1.2.3 / 2011-04-13

  • This release is compatible with Tilt 1.3, it will still work with Tilt 1.2.2, however, if you want to use a newer Tilt version, you have to upgrade to at least this version of Sinatra. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Helpers dealing with time, like expires, handle objects that pretend to be numbers, like ActiveSupport::Duration, better. (Konstantin Haase)

1.2.2 / 2011-04-08

  • The :provides => :js condition now matches both application/javascript and text/javascript. The :provides => :xml condition now matches both application/xml and text/xml. The Content-Type header is set accordingly. If the client accepts both, the application/* version is preferred, since the text/* versions are deprecated. (Konstantin Haase)

  • The provides condition now handles wildcards in Accept headers correctly. Thus :provides => :html matches text/html, text/* and */*. (Konstantin Haase)

  • When parsing Accept headers, Content-Type preferences are honored according to RFC 2616 section 14.1. (Konstantin Haase)

  • URIs passed to the url helper or redirect may now use any schema to be identified as absolute URIs, not only http or https. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Handles Content-Type strings that already contain parameters correctly in content_type (example: content_type "text/plain; charset=utf-16"). (Konstantin Haase)

  • If a route with an empty pattern is defined (get("") { ... }) requests with an empty path info match this route instead of "/". (Konstantin Haase)

  • In development environment, when running under a nested path, the image URIs on the error pages are set properly. (Konstantin Haase)

1.2.1 / 2011-03-17

  • Use a generated session secret when using enable :sessions. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong content type was used if no content type was set and a template engine was used with a different engine for the layout with different default content types, say Less embedded in Slim. (Konstantin Haase)

  • README translations improved (Gabriel Andretta, burningTyger, Sylvain Desvé, Gregor Schmidt)

1.2.0 / 2011-03-03

  • Added slim rendering method for rendering Slim templates. (Steve Hodgkiss)

  • The markaby rendering method now allows passing a block, making inline usage possible. Requires Tilt 1.2 or newer. (Konstantin Haase)

  • All render methods now take a :layout_engine option, allowing to use a layout in a different template language. Even more useful than using this directly (erb :index, :layout_engine => :haml) is setting this globally for a template engine that otherwise does not support layouts, like Markdown or Textile (set :markdown, :layout_engine => :erb). (Konstantin Haase)

  • Before and after filters now support conditions, both with and without patterns (before '/api/*', :agent => /Songbird/). (Konstantin Haase)

  • Added a url helper method which constructs absolute URLs. Copes with reverse proxies and Rack handlers correctly. Aliased to to, so you can write redirect to('/foo'). (Konstantin Haase)

  • If running on 1.9, patterns for routes and filters now support named captures: get(%r{/hi/(?<name>[^/?#]+)}) { "Hi #{params['name']}" }. (Steve Price)

  • All rendering methods now take a :scope option, which renders them in another context. Note that helpers and instance variables will be unavailable if you use this feature. (Paul Walker)

  • The behavior of redirect can now be configured with absolute_redirects and prefixed_redirects. (Konstantin Haase)

  • send_file now allows overriding the Last-Modified header, which defaults to the file's mtime, by passing a :last_modified option. (Konstantin Haase)

  • You can use your own template lookup method by defining find_template. This allows, among other things, using more than one views folder. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Largely improved documentation. (burningTyger, Vasily Polovnyov, Gabriel Andretta, Konstantin Haase)

  • Improved error handling. (cactus, Konstantin Haase)

  • Skip missing template engines in tests correctly. (cactus)

  • Sinatra now ships with a Gemfile for development dependencies, since it eases supporting different platforms, like JRuby. (Konstantin Haase)

1.1.4 (backports release) / 2011-04-13

  • Compatible with Tilt 1.3. (Konstantin Haase)

1.1.3 / 2011-02-20

  • Fixed issues with user_agent condition if the user agent header is missing. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix some routing tests that have been skipped by accident (Ross A. Baker)

  • Fix rendering issues with Builder and Nokogiri (Konstantin Haase)

  • Replace last_modified helper with better implementation. (cactus, Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix issue with charset not being set when using provides condition. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Fix issue with render not picking up all alternative file extensions for a rendering engine - it was not possible to register ".html.erb" without tricks. (Konstantin Haase)

1.1.2 / 2010-10-25

Like 1.1.1, but with proper CHANGES file.

1.1.1 / 2010-10-25

  • README has been translated to Russian (Nickolay Schwarz, Vasily Polovnyov) and Portuguese (Luciano Sousa).

  • Nested templates without a :layout option can now be used from the layout template without causing an infinite loop. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Inline templates are now encoding aware and can therefore be used with unicode characters on Ruby 1.9. Magic comments at the beginning of the file will be honored. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Default app_file is set correctly when running with bundler. Using bundler caused Sinatra not to find the app_file and therefore not to find the views folder on it's own. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Better handling of Content-Type when using send_file: If file extension is unknown, fall back to application/octet-stream and do not override content type if it has already been set, except if :type is passed explicitly (Konstantin Haase)

  • Path is no longer cached if changed between handlers that do pattern matching. This means you can change request.path_info in a pattern matching before filter. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Headers set by cache_control now always set max_age as an Integer, making sure it is compatible with RFC2616. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Further improved handling of string encodings on Ruby 1.9, templates now honor default_encoding and URLs support unicode characters. (Konstantin Haase)

1.1.0 / 2010-10-24

  • Before and after filters now support pattern matching, including the ability to use captures: "before('/user/:name') { |name| ... }". This avoids manual path checking. No performance loss if patterns are avoided. (Konstantin Haase)

  • It is now possible to render SCSS files with the scss method, which behaves exactly like sass except for the different file extension and assuming the SCSS syntax. (Pedro Menezes, Konstantin Haase)

  • Added liquid, markdown, nokogiri, textile, rdoc, radius, markaby, and coffee rendering methods for rendering Liquid, Markdown, Nokogiri, Textile, RDoc, Radius, Markaby and CoffeeScript templates. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Now supports byte-range requests (the HTTP_RANGE header) for static files. Multi-range requests are not supported, however. (Jens Alfke)

  • You can now use #settings method from class and top level for convenience. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Setting multiple values now no longer relies on #to_hash and therefore accepts any Enumerable as parameter. (Simon Rozet)

  • Nested templates default the layout option to false rather than true. This eases the use of partials. If you wanted to render one haml template embedded in another, you had to call haml :partial, {}, :layout => false. As you almost never want the partial to be wrapped in the standard layout in this situation, you now only have to call haml :partial. Passing in layout explicitly is still possible. (Konstantin Haase)

  • If a the return value of one of the render functions is used as a response body and the content type has not been set explicitly, Sinatra chooses a content type corresponding to the rendering engine rather than just using "text/html". (Konstantin Haase)

  • README is now available in Chinese (Wu Jiang), French (Mickael Riga), German (Bernhard Essl, Konstantin Haase, burningTyger), Hungarian (Janos Hardi) and Spanish (Gabriel Andretta). The extremely outdated Japanese README has been updated (Kouhei Yanagita).

  • It is now possible to access Sinatra's template_cache from the outside. (Nick Sutterer)

  • The last_modified method now also accepts DateTime instances and makes sure the header will always be set to a string. (Konstantin Haase)

  • 599 now is a legal status code. (Steve Shreeve)

  • This release is compatible with Ruby 1.9.2. Sinatra was trying to read non existent files Ruby added to the call stack. (Shota Fukumori, Konstantin Haase)

  • Prevents a memory leak on 1.8.6 in production mode. Note, however, that this is due to a bug in 1.8.6 and request will have the additional overhead of parsing templates again on that version. It is recommended to use at least Ruby 1.8.7. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Compares last modified date correctly. last_modified was halting only when the 'If-Modified-Since' header date was equal to the time specified. Now, it halts when is equal or later than the time specified (Gabriel Andretta).

  • Sinatra is now usable in combination with Rails 3. When mounting a Sinatra application under a subpath in Rails 3, the PATH_INFO is not prefixed with a slash and no routes did match. (José Valim)

  • Better handling of encodings in 1.9, defaults params encoding to UTF-8. (Konstantin Haase)

  • show_exceptions handling is now triggered after custom error handlers, if it is set to :after_handlers, thus not disabling those handler in development mode. (pangel, Konstantin Haase)

  • Added ability to handle weighted HTTP_ACCEPT headers. (Davide D'Agostino)

  • send_file now always respects the :type option if set. Previously it was discarded if no matching mime type was found, which made it impossible to directly pass a mime type. (Konstantin Haase)

  • redirect always redirects to an absolute URI, even if a relative URI was passed. Ensures compatibility with RFC 2616 section 14.30. (Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester, Anthony Williams)

  • Broken examples for using Erubis, Haml and Test::Unit in README have been fixed. (Nick Sutterer, Doug Ireton, Jason Stewart, Eric Marden)

  • Sinatra now handles SIGTERM correctly. (Patrick Collison)

  • Fixes an issue with inline templates in modular applications that manually call run!. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Spaces after inline template names are now ignored (Konstantin Haase)

  • It's now possible to use Sinatra with different package management systems defining a custom require. (Konstantin Haase)

  • Lighthouse has been dropped in favor of GitHub issues.

  • Tilt is now a dependency and therefore no longer ships bundled with Sinatra. (Ryan Tomayko, Konstantin Haase)

  • Sinatra now depends on Rack 1.1 or higher. Rack 1.0 is no longer supported. (Konstantin Haase)

1.0 / 2010-03-23

  • It's now possible to register blocks to run after each request using after filters. After filters run at the end of each request, after routes and error handlers. (Jimmy Schementi)

  • Sinatra now uses Tilt http://github.com/rtomayko/tilt for rendering templates. This adds support for template caching, consistent template backtraces, and support for new template engines, like mustache and liquid. (Ryan Tomayko)

  • ERB, Erubis, and Haml templates are now compiled the first time they're rendered instead of being string eval'd on each invocation. Benchmarks show a 5x-10x improvement in render time. This also reduces the number of objects created, decreasing pressure on Ruby's GC. (Ryan Tomayko)

  • New 'settings' method gives access to options in both class and request scopes. This replaces the 'options' method. (Chris Wanstrath)

  • New boolean 'reload_templates' setting controls whether template files are reread from disk and recompiled on each request. Template read/compile is cached by default in all environments except development. (Ryan Tomayko)

  • New 'erubis' helper method for rendering ERB template with Erubis. The erubis gem is required. (Dylan Egan)

  • New 'cache_control' helper method provides a convenient way of setting the Cache-Control response header. Takes a variable number of boolean directives followed by a hash of value directives, like this: cache_control :public, :must_revalidate, :max_age => 60 (Ryan Tomayko)

  • New 'expires' helper method is like cache_control but takes an integer number of seconds or Time object: expires 300, :public, :must_revalidate (Ryan Tomayko)

  • New request.secure? method for checking for an SSL connection. (Adam Wiggins)

  • Sinatra apps can now be run with a -o <addr> argument to specify the address to bind to. (Ryan Tomayko)

  • Rack::Session::Cookie is now added to the middleware pipeline when running in test environments if the :sessions option is set. (Simon Rozet)

  • Route handlers, before filters, templates, error mappings, and middleware are now resolved dynamically up the inheritance hierarchy when needed instead of duplicating the superclass's version when a new Sinatra::Base subclass is created. This should fix a variety of issues with extensions that need to add any of these things to the base class. (Ryan Tomayko)

  • Exception error handlers always override the raise_errors option now. Previously, all exceptions would be raised outside of the application when the raise_errors option was enabled, even if an error handler was defined for that exception. The raise_errors option now controls whether unhandled exceptions are raised (enabled) or if a generic 500 error is returned (disabled). (Ryan Tomayko)

  • The X-Cascade response header is set to 'pass' when no matching route is found or all routes pass. (Josh Peek)

  • Filters do not run when serving static files anymore. (Ryan Tomayko)

  • pass takes an optional block to be used as the route handler if no subsequent route matches the request. (Blake Mizerany)

The following Sinatra features have been obsoleted (removed entirely) in the 1.0 release:

  • The sinatra/test library is obsolete. This includes the Sinatra::Test module, the Sinatra::TestHarness class, and the get_it, post_it, put_it, delete_it, and head_it helper methods. The Rack::Test library should be used instead.

  • Test framework specific libraries (sinatra/test/spec, sinatra/test/bacon,sinatra/test/rspec, etc.) are obsolete. See http://www.sinatrarb.com/testing.html for instructions on setting up a testing environment under each of these frameworks.

  • Sinatra::Default is obsolete; use Sinatra::Base instead. Sinatra::Base acts more like Sinatra::Default in development mode. For example, static file serving and sexy development error pages are enabled by default.

  • Auto-requiring template libraries in the erb, builder, haml, and sass methods is obsolete due to thread-safety issues. You must require the template libraries explicitly in your app.

  • The :views_directory option to rendering methods is obsolete; use :views instead.

  • The :haml and :sass options to rendering methods are obsolete. Template engine options should be passed in the second Hash argument instead.

  • The use_in_file_templates method is obsolete. Use enable :inline_templates or set :inline_templates, 'path/to/file'

  • The 'media_type' helper method is obsolete. Use 'mime_type' instead.

  • The 'mime' main and class method is obsolete. Use 'mime_type' instead.

  • The request-level send_data method is no longer supported.

  • The Sinatra::Event and Sinatra::EventContext classes are no longer supported. This may effect extensions written for versions prior to 0.9.2. See Writing Sinatra Extensions for the officially supported extensions API.

  • The set_option and set_options methods are obsolete; use set instead.

  • The :env setting (settings.env) is obsolete; use :environment instead.

  • The request level stop method is obsolete; use halt instead.

  • The request level entity_tag method is obsolete; use etag instead.

  • The request level headers method (HTTP response headers) is obsolete; use response['Header-Name'] instead.

  • Sinatra.application is obsolete; use Sinatra::Application instead.

  • Using Sinatra.application = nil to reset an application is obsolete. This should no longer be necessary.

  • Using Sinatra.default_options to set base configuration items is obsolete; use Sinatra::Base.set(key, value) instead.

  • The Sinatra::ServerError exception is obsolete. All exceptions raised within a request are now treated as internal server errors and result in a 500 response status.

  • The :methodoverride' option to enable/disable the POST _method hack is obsolete; use:method_override` instead.

0.9.2 / 2009-05-18

  • This version is compatible with Rack 1.0. [Rein Henrichs]

  • The development-mode unhandled exception / error page has been greatly enhanced, functionally and aesthetically. The error page is used when the :show_exceptions option is enabled and an exception propagates outside of a route handler or before filter. [Simon Rozet / Matte Noble / Ryan Tomayko]

  • Backtraces that move through templates now include filenames and line numbers where possible. [#51 / S. Brent Faulkner]

  • All templates now have an app-level option for setting default template options (:haml, :sass, :erb, :builder). The app-level option value must be a Hash if set and is merged with the template options specified to the render method (Base#haml, Base#erb, Base#builder). [S. Brent Faulkner, Ryan Tomayko]

  • The method signature for all template rendering methods has been unified: "def engine(template, options={}, locals={})". The options Hash now takes the generic :views, :layout, and :locals options but also any template-specific options. The generic options are removed before calling the template specific render method. Locals may be specified using either the :locals key in the options hash or a second Hash option to the rendering method. [#191 / Ryan Tomayko]

  • The receiver is now passed to "configure" blocks. This allows for the following idiom in top-level apps: configure { |app| set :foo, app.root + '/foo' } [TJ Holowaychuck / Ryan Tomayko]

  • The "sinatra/test" lib is deprecated and will be removed in Sinatra 1.0. This includes the Sinatra::Test module and Sinatra::TestHarness class in addition to all the framework test helpers that were deprecated in 0.9.1. The Rack::Test lib should be used instead: http://gitrdoc.com/brynary/rack-test [#176 / Simon Rozet]

  • Development mode source file reloading has been removed. The "shotgun" (http://rtomayko.github.com/shotgun/) program can be used to achieve the same basic functionality in most situations. Passenger users should use the "tmp/always_restart.txt" file (http://tinyurl.com/c67o4h). [#166 / Ryan Tomayko]

  • Auto-requiring template libs in the erb, builder, haml, and sass methods is deprecated due to thread-safety issues. You must require the template libs explicitly in your app file. [Simon Rozet]

  • A new Sinatra::Base#route_missing method was added. route_missing is sent when no route matches the request or all route handlers pass. The default implementation forwards the request to the downstream app when running as middleware (i.e., "@app" is non-nil), or raises a NotFound exception when no downstream app is defined. Subclasses can override this method to perform custom route miss logic. [Jon Crosby]

  • A new Sinatra::Base#route_eval method was added. The method yields to the block and throws :halt with the result. Subclasses can override this method to tap into the route execution logic. [TJ Holowaychuck]

  • Fix the "-x" (enable request mutex / locking) command line argument. Passing -x now properly sets the :lock option. [S. Brent Faulkner, Ryan Tomayko]

  • Fix writer ("foo=") and predicate ("foo?") methods in extension modules not being added to the registering class. [#172 / Pat Nakajima]

  • Fix in-file templates when running alongside activesupport and fatal errors when requiring activesupport before sinatra [#178 / Brian Candler]

  • Fix various issues running on Google AppEngine. [Samuel Goebert, Simon Rozet]

  • Fix in-file templates END detection when END exists with other stuff on a line [Yoji Shidara] / 2009-03-09

  • Fix directory traversal vulnerability in default static files route. See [#177] for more info.

0.9.1 / 2009-03-01

  • Sinatra now runs under Ruby 1.9.1 [#61]

  • Route patterns (splats, :named, or Regexp captures) are now passed as arguments to the block. [#140]

  • The "helpers" method now takes a variable number of modules along with the normal block syntax. [#133]

  • New request-level #forward method for middleware components: passes the env to the downstream app and merges the response status, headers, and body into the current context. [#126]

  • Requests are now automatically forwarded to the downstream app when running as middleware and no matching route is found or all routes pass.

  • New simple API for extensions/plugins to add DSL-level and request-level methods. Use Sinatra.register(mixin) to extend the DSL with all public methods defined in the mixin module; use Sinatra.helpers(mixin) to make all public methods defined in the mixin module available at the request level. [#138] See http://www.sinatrarb.com/extensions.html for details.

  • Named parameters in routes now capture the "." character. This makes routes like "/:path/:filename" match against requests like "/foo/bar.txt"; in this case, "params[:filename]" is "bar.txt". Previously, the route would not match at all.

  • Added request-level "redirect back" to redirect to the referring URL.

  • Added a new "clean_trace" option that causes backtraces dumped to rack.errors and displayed on the development error page to omit framework and core library backtrace lines. The option is enabled by default. [#77]

  • The ERB output buffer is now available to helpers via the @_out_buf instance variable.

  • It's now much easier to test sessions in unit tests by passing a ":session" option to any of the mock request methods. e.g., get '/', {}, :session => { 'foo' => 'bar' }

  • The testing framework specific files ('sinatra/test/spec', 'sinatra/test/bacon', 'sinatra/test/rspec', etc.) have been deprecated. See http://sinatrarb.com/testing.html for instructions on setting up a testing environment with these frameworks.

  • The request-level #send_data method from Sinatra 0.3.3 has been added for compatibility but is deprecated.

  • Fix :provides causing crash on any request when request has no Accept header [#139]

  • Fix that ERB templates were evaluated twice per "erb" call.

  • Fix app-level middleware not being run when the Sinatra application is run as middleware.

  • Fixed some issues with running under Rack's CGI handler caused by writing informational stuff to stdout.

  • Fixed that reloading was sometimes enabled when starting from a rackup file [#110]

  • Fixed that "." in route patterns erroneously matched any character instead of a literal ".". [#124] / 2009-01-25

  • Using halt with more than 1 args causes ArgumentError [#131]
  • using halt in a before filter doesn't modify response [#127]
  • Add deprecated Sinatra::EventContext to unbreak plugins [#130]
  • Give access to GET/POST params in filters [#129]
  • Preserve non-nested params in nested params hash [#117]
  • Fix backtrace dump with Rack::Lint [#116] / 2009-01-21

  • Fall back on mongrel then webrick when thin not found. [#75]
  • Use :environment instead of :env in test helpers to fix deprecation warnings coming from framework.
  • Make sinatra/test/rspec work again [#113]
  • Fix app_file detection on windows [#118]
  • Fix static files with Rack::Lint in pipeline [#121] / 2009-01-18

  • Halting a before block should stop processing of routes [#85]
  • Fix redirect/halt in before filters [#85]

0.9.0 / 2009-01-18

  • Works with and requires Rack >= 0.9.1

  • Multiple Sinatra applications can now co-exist peacefully within a single process. The new "Sinatra::Base" class can be subclassed to establish a blank-slate Rack application or middleware component. Documentation on using these features is forth-coming; the following provides the basic gist: http://gist.github.com/38605

  • Parameters with subscripts are now parsed into a nested/recursive Hash structure. e.g., "post[title]=Hello&post[body]=World" yields params: => {'title' => 'Hello', 'body' => 'World'}.

  • Regular expressions may now be used in route pattens; captures are available at "params[:captures]".

  • New ":provides" route condition takes an array of mime types and matches only when an Accept request header is present with a corresponding type. [cypher]

  • New request-level "pass" method; immediately exits the current block and passes control to the next matching route.

  • The request-level "body" method now takes a block; evaluation is deferred until an attempt is made to read the body. The block must return a String or Array.

  • New "route conditions" system for attaching rules for when a route matches. The :agent and :host route options now use this system.

  • New "dump_errors" option controls whether the backtrace is dumped to rack.errors when an exception is raised from a route. The option is enabled by default for top-level apps.

  • Better default "app_file", "root", "public", and "views" location detection; changes to "root" and "app_file" automatically cascade to other options that depend on them.

  • Error mappings are now split into two distinct layers: exception mappings and custom error pages. Exception mappings are registered with "error(Exception)" and are run only when the app raises an exception. Custom error pages are registered with "error(status_code)", where "status_code" is an integer, and are run any time the response has the status code specified. It's also possible to register an error page for a range of status codes: "error(500..599)".

  • In-file templates are now automatically imported from the file that requires 'sinatra'. The use_in_file_templates! method is still available for loading templates from other files.

  • Sinatra's testing support is no longer dependent on Test::Unit. Requiring 'sinatra/test' adds the Sinatra::Test module and Sinatra::TestHarness class, which can be used with any test framework. The 'sinatra/test/unit', 'sinatra/test/spec', 'sinatra/test/rspec', or 'sinatra/test/bacon' files can be required to setup a framework-specific testing environment. See the README for more information.

  • Added support for Bacon (test framework). The 'sinatra/test/bacon' file can be required to setup Sinatra test helpers on Bacon::Context.

  • Deprecated "set_option" and "set_options"; use "set" instead.

  • Deprecated the "env" option ("options.env"); use "environment" instead.

  • Deprecated the request level "stop" method; use "halt" instead.

  • Deprecated the request level "entity_tag" method; use "etag" instead. Both "entity_tag" and "etag" were previously supported.

  • Deprecated the request level "headers" method (HTTP response headers); use "response['Header-Name']" instead.

  • Deprecated "Sinatra.application"; use "Sinatra::Application" instead.

  • Deprecated setting Sinatra.application = nil to reset an application. This should no longer be necessary.

  • Deprecated "Sinatra.default_options"; use "Sinatra::Default.set(key, value)" instead.

  • Deprecated the "ServerError" exception. All Exceptions are now treated as internal server errors and result in a 500 response status.

  • Deprecated the "get_it", "post_it", "put_it", "delete_it", and "head_it" test helper methods. Use "get", "post", "put", "delete", and "head", respectively, instead.

  • Removed Event and EventContext classes. Applications are defined in a subclass of Sinatra::Base; each request is processed within an instance.

0.3.3 / 2009-01-06

  • Pin to Rack 0.4.0 (this is the last release on Rack 0.4)

  • Log unhandled exception backtraces to rack.errors.

  • Use RACK_ENV environment variable to establish Sinatra environment when given. Thin sets this when started with the -e argument.

  • BUG: raising Sinatra::NotFound resulted in a 500 response code instead of 404.

  • BUG: use_in_file_templates! fails with CR/LF [#45]

  • BUG: Sinatra detects the app file and root path when run under thin/passenger.


  • BUG: Static and send_file read entire file into String before sending. Updated to stream with 8K chunks instead.

  • Rake tasks and assets for building basic documentation website. See http://sinatra.rubyforge.org

  • Various minor doc fixes.


  • Unbreak optional path parameters [jeremyevans]


  • Add sinatra.gemspec w/ support for github gem builds. Forks can now enable the build gem option in github to get free username-sinatra.gem builds: gem install username-sinatra.gem --source=http://gems.github.com/

  • Require rack-0.4 gem; removes frozen rack dir.

  • Basic RSpec support; require 'sinatra/test/rspec' instead of 'sinatra/test/spec' to use. [avdi]

  • before filters can modify request environment vars used for routing (e.g., PATH_INFO, REQUEST_METHOD, etc.) for URL rewriting type functionality.

  • In-file templates now uses @@ instead of ## as template separator.

  • Top-level environment test predicates: development?, test?, production?

  • Top-level "set", "enable", and "disable" methods for tweaking app options. [rtomayko]

  • Top-level "use" method for building Rack middleware pipelines leading to app. See README for usage. [rtomayko]

  • New "reload" option - set false to disable reloading in development.

  • New "host" option - host/ip to bind to [cschneid]

  • New "app_file" option - override the file to reload in development mode [cschneid]

  • Development error/not_found page cleanup [sr, adamwiggins]

  • Remove a bunch of core extensions (String#to_param, String#from_param, Hash#from_params, Hash#to_params, Hash#symbolize_keys, Hash#pass)

  • Various grammar and formatting fixes to README; additions on community and contributing [cypher]

  • Build RDoc using Hanna template: http://sinatrarb.rubyforge.org/api

  • Specs, documentation and fixes for splat'n routes [vic]

  • Fix whitespace errors across all source files. [rtomayko]

  • Fix streaming issues with Mongrel (body not closed). [bmizerany]

  • Fix various issues with environment not being set properly (configure blocks not running, error pages not registering, etc.) [cypher]

  • Fix to allow locals to be passed to ERB templates [cschneid]

  • Fix locking issues causing random errors during reload in development.

  • Fix for escaped paths not resolving static files [Matthew Walker]


  • File upload fix and minor tweaks.


  • Initial gem release of 0.2 codebase.