Sinatra maintenance



The next major version of Sinatra will be released from the main branch. Each version will be tagged so it will be possible to branch of should there be a need for bug fixes and other updates.


New features

New features will only be added to the main branch and will not be made available in point releases.

Bug fixes

Only the latest release series will receive bug fixes. When enough bugs are fixed and its deemed worthy to release a new gem, this is the branch it happens from.

Security issues

The current release series will receive patches and new versions in case of a security issue.

Severe security issues

For severe security issues we will provide new versions as above, and also the last major release series will receive patches and new versions. The classification of the security issue is judged by the core team.

Unsupported Release Series

When a release series is no longer supported, it’s your own responsibility to deal with bugs and security issues. We may provide back-ports of the fixes and publish them to git, however there will be no new versions released. If you are not comfortable maintaining your own versions, you should upgrade to a supported version.