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Super is an admin framework for Ruby on Rails applications. Super helps you make admin pages quickly and provides a powerful interface for admins to use.

It's distinguishing feature is that it's easy for you to maintain in your application. It does this by having zero dependencies—this lets you update your app's dependencies without worrying about breaking your admin pages, and vice versa, update your admin pages without breaking your app.

Note: Super is under active development and will likely have a few more breaking changes before 1.0.


  • Responsive and mobile-friendly web pages
  • Automatic controllers that work without any configuration
  • Configurable forms
    • Supports nested attributes accepts_nested_attributes_for
    • New and edit forms can be totally different
  • Configurable display (index and show tables)
    • Supports showing computed values that aren't backed by database fields
  • Advanced filtering/search
  • Compatible with Sprockets and Webpacker
  • Pre-built frontend assets. Super doesn't depend on Sass, PostCSS, Babel, etc
  • Carefully chosen, vendored frontend assets
    • Stimulus JS v2
    • Tailwind CSS v2
    • Rails UJS
    • Flatpickr
  • Builds on top of standard Rails controllers and ERB views
  • Plenty of escape hatches for those very customized pages
  • No DSL. Configure your admin pages by setting methods and returning objects
  • Supports Rails 5.0+, 6.0+
  • Supports Ruby 2.3+, 3.0+

See the demo and its source for an example of some of its features. See the docs for a walkthrough.

Quick start

Add this line anywhere in your Gemfile:

gem "super"

Then install Super by running:

bundle install
bin/rails g super:install

You can create admin pages by running this for all the models you want:

bin/rails g super:resource ModelName

Super doesn't fit my needs. What are some alternatives?

ActiveAdmin is great if you need lots of features. It relies heavily on DSLs but is flexible and popular.

Administrate doesn't have as many features as ActiveAdmin, but it feels like developing a normal Rails app.




The gem is available under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3.