TZInfo::Data - Timezone Data for TZInfo

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TZInfo::Data is the public domain IANA Time Zone Database packaged as a set of Ruby modules for use with TZInfo.

If TZInfo::Data is installed, TZInfo will automatically use it as its source of time zone data. If TZInfo::Data is not available, TZInfo will attempt to use the system zoneinfo files instead. Please refer to the TZInfo documentation for further details.


The TZInfo::Data gem can be installed by running:

gem install tzinfo-data


TZInfo::Data is released under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.

Timezone data is based on the public domain IANA Time Zone Database.

Source Code

Source code for TZInfo::Data is available on GitHub.

Issue Tracker

Please post any bugs, issues, feature requests or questions to the GitHub issue tracker.