Pronto runner for Golang

Pronto runner for Golang tools


Tool Install
golint go get -u
gosimple go get -u
go vet -
unused go get -u
unparam go get -u
errcheck go get -u

Enabling only certain tools

In order to only enable certain tools for execution it is possible to provide a .golangtools.yml file in the directory of execution.

It looks as follows:

  - errcheck
  - gosimple
  # ...

If the enabled_tools is available only the tools in the list will be executed. Note that the tool in question should match the value returned by base_command.

Implementing additional tools

It is possible to add additional tools by adding a new class in the Pronto::GolangTools namespace.

It is expected that it reponds to the following methods:

Method Description
 command(file_path) Executes the command and receives the file_path to allow checking only the current file
 base_command Returns the name/basic command that will be invoked. Is also used for enabling and disabling it via .golangtools.yml
 installed? Returns true if the tool can be found, e.g. through which #{base_command}
parse_line(line) Receives the line returned from the tool for parsing. REturns absolute_path, line_number, level, message text