Throttled Queue is a throttled queue

ThrottledQueue is just like an EM::Queue, but will pop items off itself at a pace specified by you.

NOTE: Version v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 has an unintentional flaw, and should not be used.

NOTE: I personally won’t be doing any development on this library, but I will accept pull requests. If you want take over maintenance of this library for further development, please do contact me.



require 'em/throttled_queue'

# Example code that will pop off 2 items in total within a period of
# one second. The other items are not popped because of throttle.
EM::run do
  # Create a queue that will pop off maximum of 2 items per second.
  queue =

  queue.push 1 # you can push one item at a time
  queue.push 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 # or several at once

  5.times { queue.pop(&EM::Callback(Object, :puts)) }

  EM::add_timer(1) { EM::stop }

# Output:
# 1
# 2


gem install em-throttled_queue

How do I contribute?

Fork, write tests, add your code and send a pull request. If you modify existing files, please adhere to the coding standard surrounding your code. If you wish to report an issue, please use the GitHub issue tracker. I can also be contacted by mail (visible on my GitHub user page).

Development dependencies are specified in the gem specification, and can be installed using rubygems.

gem install em-throttled_queue --development

There’s also a Gemfile in the repository, allowing you to install dependencies via bundler.

bundle install

Why don’t you support 1.8.7?

There currently is no reason for me to do so. If you believe there is, file an issue.