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This is a Rails App that facilitates Monster of the Week Mysteries. Monster of the Week is a role-playing game focused on supernatural horror. This project is WIP. Our first goal is tracking player character sheets. Eventually, we'd like to track mystery details and harm in a mystery session. We're currently hosting it on Heroku if you want to check it out.

We're building this app to practice and hone our development skills. One goal of this application is to implement a state of the art, free development environment to work in, and see what codebase results from that. Contributions (of all sorts) are welcome!

This app is live-coded every Sunday at 9am EST over at


Start by ensuring your development environment is ready for Rails. GoRails has a great set of guides for every operating system.


You can run the app locally (Postgres + Webpacker + Rails) via a Docker container.

Executing docker-compose up will bring those services up, and the application will be accessible via http://localhost:3000.

The initial run will create two Docker volumes, one for the database and one for the Node modules. The database will be initialized, including having seed data inserted and migrations run.

The project root directory will be mounted within the container so that your changes can be detected and hot-loaded into the running app. Note: this requires that you've given the Docker application access to that folder -- (this should be configurable at Settings -> Resources -> File Sharing)

To open the Rails console:\ > docker exec -it hunterskeepers_web_1 bin/rails c

To open the Postgres console:\ > docker exec -it hunterskeepers_db_1 psql -U postgres hunterskeepers_development

If you update package.json or yarn.lock you'll want to rebuild that module. There might be a more efficient way, but you can try:

> docker-compose build node_modules
> docker-compose run node_modules
> docker-compose up


Tool Usage Notes
Postgres Database -
Rails Web app Framework Not just an API!
Webpacker Webpack Integration for Rails View Webpack Docs
Yarn JS Package Management View Yarn Docs
Vue Front-end framework Add some reactivity
Buefy UI Component Library Based on Bulma
RDoc Documentation tool View at
Inch Tracks Documentation Coverage Inline docs
Code Climate Code Quality Solution Maintainability
CodeShip Continuous Testing Codeship Status for ChaelCodes/HuntersKeepers
Heroku Hosting Visit the App