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For (GCE A-Level General Paper) comprehension questions, grades are mainly awarded by the number of correct points, TextResponseComprehensionPoint. There is an intermediary model, TextResponseComprehensionGroup, which stores the points.

TextResponse ├── TextResponseSolution (no change) └── TextResponseComprehensionGroup * └── TextResponseComprehensionPoint * └── TextResponseComprehensionSolution *

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A question may have multiple groups of points. The +maximum_group_grade+ in each group caps the maximum possible grade for that group.

For example, given points W, X, Y and Z, each point worth 1 mark, and the +maximum_grade+ of the question is 2 marks. If the answer scheme requires at least one point from (W or X) to score one mark, and at least one point from (Y or Z) to score another one mark, then there must be TWO groups created. For the first group, the +points+ will be [W, X], +maximum_group_grade+ will be 1. For the second group, the +points+ will be [X, Y], +maximum_group_grade+ will be 1.

For each point, there are keywords and lifted words (words that must not be used -- if used, the point will instantly score ZERO), collectively known as TextResponseComprehensionSolution.

All lifted words for a point should be stored in ONE Solution, with the +solution_type+ as :compre_lifted_word, and all the lifted words in the +solution+ string array. +solution+ string array.

The keywords for a point should be stored in one or more Solutions, with the +solution_type+ as :compre_keyword, and the keywords in the +solution+ string array.

The +solution_lemma+ string array stores the lemma form of each word in the +solution+ string array, which will be generated automatically whenever the question is saved. Instructors will only see the words in +solution+ in their view.

For example, given keywords A, B, C, D and E, of which a point can only score if it has at least one keyword from (A, B or C), and at least one keyword from (D or E), then there must be TWO solutions created. For the first solution, the +solution+ will be [A, B, C]. For the second solution, the +solution+ will be [D, E].

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# File 'app/models/course/assessment/question/text_response_comprehension_group.rb', line 62

def auto_gradable_group?

#initialize_duplicate(duplicator, other) ⇒ Object

# File 'app/models/course/assessment/question/text_response_comprehension_group.rb', line 66

def initialize_duplicate(duplicator, other)
  self.question = duplicator.duplicate(other.question)
  self.points = duplicator.duplicate(other.points)