It's an application in Ruby to learn logic programming to new developpers.
The player/developper uses basic instruction to move Robert on the map and interact with objects.

Basic instructions of Robert:
walk_forward, walk_backward, turn_right, turn_left, turn_back, take, interact, drop

Robert can interact with the player by asking for informations or talking.


On the wiki

Project Management



Requirements users

  • ruby: ruby 2.6.5p114 or later
  • IDE (recommanded: VScode)
  • if you have gem bundler : on the terminal execute bundle
  • if you don't have the gem bundler, install gems gosu, fxruby

Developper tools

During the development the team as

  • install rubyinstaller-devkit-2.6.5-1-x64
  • install ocra (Due to an issue with ocra, no gemfile is available)
  • install the solargraph gem if you want VScode to help you during development