Ordbok, Swedish for dictionary (literally "wordbook"), is a Ruby library for localization of SketchUp extensions.

Due to the architecture of SketchUp extensions this library is designed differently than libraries not meant for SketchUp, e.g. rails/l18n. As numerous SketchUp extensions run in the same environment, outside of the developer's control, all code used by an extension (with some exceptions like the Standard Lib) are supposed to be defined inside the namespace (wrapping module) of that extension, and be loaded from within that extension's own support directory.

Some features/concepts that makes Ordbok different from other SketchUp extension localization libraries, such as TT_Lib2's Babelfish or the shipped LangHandler, are:

  • String Interpolation (supported by Babelfish but not LangHandler)
    • Variables, such as the number of missing files in an error message, can be written inside the sentence.
  • Descriptive Keys, not English Phrases
    • Less risk of mixing up phrases that happens be homonyms in the original language, e.g. the verb Group and the noun Group or Extension (software) and Extension (edge style).
    • Allows to specify when the exact same phrase is indeed intended to be reused elsewhere, e.g. using the same tool name in both a toolbar and a menu.
    • Allows to adjust the original phrase, e.g. correct spelling, without having to update the translation tables.
    • Allows for shorter, more readable code when not long sentences need to be spelled out.
  • Phrase Grouping
    • Organize phrases by what part of the extension use them, or their meaning.
  • Pluralization
    • Specify different phrases for singulars and plurals.


  1. Copy files from modules/ into your extension's directory.
  2. Replace the wrapping OrdbolLib module with the wrapping module of your extension.
  3. Update require statements to refer to the files in your extension.
  4. Require the script(s) from your own extension.


See class and method documentation for Ordbok, or the Example Extension.

Resource file specification

Resource file specification