Ruby SDK for the Teemill API


To install with Bundler, add this to your Gemfile

gem 'gbro_teemill'

and then run bundle install

or install globally with

gem install gbro_teemill


As an example, here is how you can create a custom product

require 'gbro_teemill'

# authenticate using bearer token method
Teemill.bearer_token = '...'

# create a custom product
custom_product = Teemill::CustomProduct.create({image_url: '...' })


For most requests, all you need to provide is an API key

Teemill.api_key = '<your api key>'

For some legacy requests you must instead provide a bearer token

Teemill.bearer_token = '<your bearer token api key>'

Custom Products

custom_product = Teemill::CustomProduct.create({
    image_url: ''