So, you want to hack on GraphQL Ruby! Here are some tips for getting started.


Follow the steps below to setup wipe_out locally:

  • Make sure you're running on Ruby 3.0.0 or newer
  • sqlite is installed (required for tests)
git clone
cd wipe_out
bundle install

Run tests



By default pry is included so feel free to run tests and put binding.pry wherever you like.

Coding guidelines

  • Please make sure to run ./bin/standardrb --fix
  • Markdown files are linted too via markdownlint
  • Each change should be covered by tests and add CHANGELOG info


Releasing will be done manually for now.

  1. Bump version in lib/wipe_out/version.rb
  2. Ensure is matching new version and has details about published changes. Make sure that breaking changes contain update instructions.
  3. Commit all changes git commit -m "Release: vX.Y.Z"
  4. Tag commit git tag vX.Y.Z
  5. Push changes and tag
   git push origin master
   git push origin vX.Y.Z
  1. (TODO) Publish release on Rubygems