Method: FilepickerRails::ApplicationHelper#filepicker_image_url

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#filepicker_image_url(url, options = {}) ⇒ Object

Creates the full path of the image to the specified url accepts optional options hash for configuration.


  • :w - Resize the image to this width.

  • :h - Resize the image to this height.

  • :fit - Specifies how to resize the image. Possible values are:

    • :clip - Resizes the image to fit within the specified parameters without distorting, cropping, or changing the aspect ratio, this is the default.
    • :crop - Resizes the image to fit the specified parameters exactly by removing any parts of the image that don't fit within the boundaries
    • :scales - Resizes the image to fit the specified parameters exactly by scaling the image to the desired size
  • :align - Determines how the image is aligned when resizing and using the "fit" parameter. Check API for details.

  • :rotate - Rotate the image. Default is no rotation. Possible values are:

    • :exif - will rotate the image automatically based on the exif data in the image.
    • Other valid values are integers between 0 and 359, for degrees of rotation.
  • :crop - Crops the image to a specified rectangle. The input to this parameter should be 4 numbers for x,y,width,height - for example, 10, 20, 200, 250 would select the 200x250 pixel rectangle starting from 10 pixels from the left edge and 20 pixels from the top edge of the image.

  • :format - Specifies what format the image should be converted to, if any. Possible values are jpg and png. For jpg conversions, you can additionally specify a quality parameter.

  • :quality - For jpeg conversion, specifies the quality of the resultant image. Quality should be an integer between 1 and 100

  • :watermark - Adds the specified absolute url as a watermark on the image.

  • :watersize - This size of the watermark, as a percentage of the base image (not the original watermark).

  • :waterposition - Where to put the watermark relative to the base image. Possible values for vertical position are top,middle, bottom and left,center,right, for horizontal position. The two can be combined by separating vertical and horizontal with a comma. The default behavior is bottom,right

  • :cache - Specifies if the image should be cached or not.


 filepicker_image_url @user.filepicker_url, w: 160, h: 160, fit: 'clip'
 # =>

# File 'app/helpers/filepicker_rails/application_helper.rb', line 167

def filepicker_image_url(url, options = {}), options).execute