Revision history for Ruby gem ScottKit

0.4.0 (Mon Mar 1 22:20:09 GMT 2010)

  • Move towards using YARD for documentation instead of Rdoc. This includes changes to things like the format of the Changes file. Far from perfect so far: for example, plain-text documentation like doc/Definition gets mangled.

0.3.0 (February 28, 2010)

  • Move ScottKit out of its sub-siubdirectory in the 9Gb mike git module into its own git module.
  • Move repository hosting to github.
  • Arrange for formatted documentation to appear at

0.2.0 (February 28, 2010)

  • Add -z option to sleep after finishing - useful when running in a DOS Shell under Windows, so that error messages can be seen.
  • Add facility to load a game while playing, using #load

0.1.0 (February 28, 2010)

  • Add -p option to compile and play a game from source.

0.0.0 (February 28, 2010)

  • Initial release.

Still to do

  • Tweak compiler to break actions when they need too many arguments as well as when they need too many instructions.
  • Write tutorial scaffolding.
  • Write other documentation, e.g. reference guide.
  • Ensure that the right files are built by YARD
  • Write blog entry about ScottKit
  • Maybe modify to run against GLK using the Glkx driver