Module: References

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This module defines codes, standards, reference documents, reports, and other technical resources that assumptions or methodologies in the standard are taken from. These methods perform no action, and are not used in the source code except to store reference information.


Linking to a Reference from methods or classes

# @ref [References::ASHRAE9012004] section G.3.1, table 3
def some_method()

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Classes: ASHRAE9012004, ASHRAE9012007, ASHRAE9012010, ASHRAE9012013, ASHRAE9012016, DEERMASControl, ICCIECC2015, NECB2011, NRELZNEReady2017, OEESC2014, PNNLInfiltration, PNNLPRMReferenceManual2016, USDOEPrototypeBuildingEnhancements, USDOEPrototypeBuildings, USDOEReferenceBuildings