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Mode support code.

A mode implements an authentication protocol, and is classified as a UI mode, an API mode, or both. UI modes are intended for interactive use; API modes are intended for non-interactive use.

Aker ships with five modes:

  • :cas is a UI mode that provides interactive login via a CAS server.
  • :cas_proxy is an API mode that implements the CAS proxying protocol.
  • :form is a UI mode that provides an HTML form that prompts for username and password.
  • :custom_form is a specialization of :form for apps that wish to provide their own form views.
  • :http_basic is an API/UI mode that implements the HTTP Basic authentication protocol. (It's both an API and UI mode because it can be used by automated Web clients and humans alike.)

Aker permits applications to use as many API modes as they wish, but requires that applications have one and only one UI mode. The default UI mode is :form.

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