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Makes creating code documentation easier for you.

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Setting up Docilater is fairly easy to do. Simply follow the instructions below, in order, and you'll be generating documentation in no time!

  1. Clone the git repository.
  2. Install all the required dependencies. Do this as shown below:
    1. If you do not have Bundler, install it using sudo gem install bundler
    2. Install our dependencies using bundler install
  3. Run the program as described in the launching the program section. This will launch the program and guide you onwards.


It is a simple process to start Docilater.

  1. Open a terminal, or connect via SSH.
  2. Change your current directory to where you cloned the repository. The folder will be named "docilater" by default.
  3. Run the following command: ruby start.rb

You will now be greeted with a screen asking for your name. Simply enter your first name, it is not saved anywhere and is only used to greet you and speak to you throughout the program. Now, you will be asked to enter where your Ruby code is stored. Enter this and complete the questions presented by the program - the answers will be automatically translated into YARD comments.


Search Docilater's source files here: OpenSearchServer