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Ruby-to-C bindings for Uber's H3 library.

Please consult the H3 documentation for a full explanation of terminology and concepts.

Supported H3 Versions

The semantic versioning of this gem matches the versioning of the H3 C library. E.g. version 3.5.x of this gem is targeted for version 3.5.y of H3 C lib where x and y are independent patch levels.

Naming Conventions

We have changed camel-case method names to snake-case, as per the Ruby convention.

In addition, some methods using the get verb have been renamed i.e. getH3UnidirectionalEdgesFromHexagon becomes unidirectional_edges_from_hexagon.

We have also suffixed predicate methods with a question mark, as per the Ruby convention, and removed h3Is from the name i.e. h3IsPentagon becomes pentagon?

Getting Started

This gem uses FFI to link directly into the H3 library (written in C).

The H3 library is packaged with the gem and is built as a native extension. H3 is not installed system-wide, so it will not interfere with any other versions you may have installed previously.

Before installing the gem, please install the build dependencies for your system as instructed here: https://github.com/uber/h3#install-build-time-dependencies


You can install the gem directly from RubyGems.org using

gem install h3

or add it to your Gemfile

# Gemfile
gem "h3", "~> 3.7"


Require the gem in your code

require "h3"

Call H3 functions via the H3 namespace

H3.from_geo_coordinates([53.959130, -1.079230], 8).to_s(16)
=> "8819429a9dfffff"
=> true
=> false
=> [[53.962987505331384, -1.079984346847996], [53.9618315234061, -1.0870313428985856], [53.95744798515881, -1.0882421079017874], [53.95422067486053, -1.082406760751464], [53.955376670617454, -1.0753609232787642], [53.95975996282198, -1.074149274503605]]


Please read the Gem Documentation for a full reference of available methods.


The development environment requires the H3 library to be compiled from source before tests can be executed.

This is done automatically by the test suite. However, Rake tasks are provided to handle building H3 in a more fine-grained manner.

Building H3

rake build

You can remove the compiled H3 library with rake clean, or rebuild it with rake rebuild.

Running Tests

The test suite exercises all the H3 functions.

rake spec

Be aware that errors may be encountered if you have a locally cached H3 binary that's older than the version targeted. Try rake rebuild and re-run rake spec if this occurs.


Pull requests and issues are welcome! Please read the Contributing Guide for more info.