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VidaZing logging strategy using TwP/logging.

Writes to rolling log files and the corresponding IO pipe.

  • timestamps for: logs/error.log + stderr.
  • timestamps for: logs/build.log + stdout.
  1. Installation
  2. Usage


  1. In your Gemfile, add the vidazing_logger gem:

    gem 'vidazing_logger', '~> 0.1'
  2. In your shell, run:

    bundle install
  3. (Optional - If you want to use the rake loop: tasks) Install fswatch

  4. (Optional - If you use pry) Ran into a byebug issue that you can fix with:

    gem install byebug
    gem install pry-byebug


See rake -T


require 'vidazing_logger'

logger = VidazingLogger.logger("OPTIONAL_LOGGER_NAME")


vidazing_logger for all your stand alone shell logging needs. We should probably let you disable the logs/ file logging... Moving along!

Install with gem install vidazing_logger

See vidazing_logger --help

Under the hood

Logging gem docs