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TinCan Storage API Gem


From Ruby Gems

gem install tincan-api

From Github

git clone
cd tincan-gem
gem build tincan-api.gemspec
gem install tincan-api-*.gem


Demo queries can be found on the TinCan Storage API demo page, however in the ruby gem they can be inputted as a Hash or JSON.

Example Query (Hash): {:query => {:key => "value"}, :options => {:count => true}}

Example Query (JSON): '{"key":"value"}'

require "tincan"

demo ="APP_ID", "APP_KEY", "APP_NAME")

demo.validate      #=> Returns True or an Error
demo.insert(query) #=> Returns true if successful
demo.find(query)   #=> Returns data if successful
demo.update(query) #=> Returns true if successful
demo.remove(query) #=> returns true if successful


Testing is done with RSpec for now.

gem install rspec
cd /path/to/downloaded/repo
rspec spec

To get a better output of what it's doing (Get told what it's doing rather than dots):

rspec spec --format documentation