Scrapinghub client

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Ruby client for the Scrapinghub API. So far it only supports the Jobs API (pull requests welcome).

This library tries to take an FP-ish approach. It uses the contracts gem for validating function input and output types (see the docs for the full list of functions and their types) and the kleisli gem for returning composition-friendly output types. Outputs will be a Left if the Scrapinghub API returns failure or if an exception was raised (e.g. a network timeout), or a Right if the operation was successful.

The Kleisli gem introductory blog post gives some great examples on how to work with the output types.


Add to Gemfile:

gem "scrapinghub-client"

Note: although the gem is named scrapinghub-client, the gem's namespace is Scrapinghub.


require "scrapinghub-client"

j = 'abc123')
j.schedule(project: 123, spider: "foo", add_tag: "bar", extra: { DOWNLOAD_DELAY: "0.5" })
  .fmap{|r| puts "Job scheduled! Jobid: #{r['jobid']}"}
  .or{|f| puts "Failed to schedule job! Reason: #{f.value}"}