1.0.0 (unreleased)

Breaking Changes

  • Rename allow_comments to comments for more consistent naming #3695 by @pranas
  • JavaScript window.AA has been removed, use window.ActiveAdmin #3606 by @timoschilling
  • f.form_buffers has been removed #3486 by @varyonic
  • Iconic has been removed #3553 by @timoschilling
  • config.show_comments_in_menu has been removed [#4187][] by [@drn][]




  • Stream CSV downloads as they're generated [#3038][] by [@craigmcnamara][]
    • Disable streaming in development for easier debugging [#3535][] by @seanlinsley
  • Improved code reloading #3783 by @chancancode
  • Do not auto link to inaccessible actions #3686 by @pranas
  • Allow to enable comments on per-resource basis #3695 by @pranas
  • Unify DSL for index actions and actions dropdown: true #3463 by @timoschilling
  • Add DSL method includes for ActiveRecord::Relation#includes #3464 by @timoschilling
  • BOM (byte order mark) configurable for CSV download #3519 by @timoschilling
  • Column block on table index is now sortable by default #3075 by @dmitry
  • Allow Arbre to be used inside ActiveAdmin forms #3486 by @varyonic
  • Make AA ORM-agnostic #2545 by @johnnyshields
  • Add multi-record support to attributes_table_for #2544 by @zorab47
  • Table CSS classes are now prefixed to prevent clashes #2532 by @TimPetricola
  • Allow Inherited Resources shorthand for redirection #2001 by @seanlinsley

    controller do
      # Redirects to index page instead of rendering updated resource
      def update
        update!{ collection_path }
  • Accept block for download links #2040 by @potatosalad

    index download_links: ->{ can?(:view_all_download_links) || [:pdf] }
  • Comments menu can be customized via configuration passed to config.comments_menu [#4187][] by [@drn][]

Security Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes filters for has_many :through relationships #2541 by @shekibobo
  • "New" action item now only shows up on the index page bf659bc by @seanlinsley
  • Fixes comment creation bug with aliased resources 9a082486 by @seanlinsley
  • Fixes the deletion of :if and :unless from filters #2523 by @PChambino


  • ActiveAdmin::Event (ActiveAdmin::EventDispatcher) [#3435][] by @timoschilling ActiveAdmin::Event will be removed in a future version, ActiveAdmin switched to use ActiveSupport::Notifications. NOTE: The blog parameters has changed: ```ruby ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe ActiveAdmin::Application::BeforeLoadEvent do |event, *args| # some code end

ActiveSupport::Notifications.publish ActiveAdmin::Application::BeforeLoadEvent, "some data"

## Previous Changes

Please check [0-6-stable]( for previous changes.

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