whitehall is a Ruby on Rails content management application for content published by government departments and agencies.


  • Govspeak A variation of Markdown used throughout whitehall as the general publishing format

Technical documentation

whitehall is a Ruby on Rails app built on a MySQL database. It is deployed in two modes: 'admin' for publishers to create and manage content and 'frontend' for rendering some content under https://www.gov.uk/government and https://www.gov.uk/world. whitehall also sends most content to the publishing-api and rummager.


Running the application

$ ./startup.sh

If you are using the GDS development virtual machine then the application will be available on the host at http://whitehall-admin.dev.gov.uk/

Further setup instructions are available in the detailed setup guide.

Running the test suite

$ bundle exec rake

Other documentation

Generating technical documentation

We use YARD for the technical documentation. You can generate a local copy with:

yard server --reload

You can also read the docs on rdoc.info.


MIT License