Class: DeletedEntry

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Deleted Entry model. Each instance of this class represents a feed entry that has been deleted from the database during an automated cleanup.

Each deleted_entry belongs to exactly one feed.

When an entry is deleted during an automated cleanup, a new record is inserted in the deleted_entries table. The “feed_id” and “guid” attributes of the new deleted_entry record are the same as those of the deleted entry. This means that deleted entries still occupy some space in the database, but much less because the entry content is not kept.

Each deleted_entry is uniquely identified by its guid within the scope of a given feed. Duplicate guids are not allowed for a given feed.

A deleted_entry with the same guid and feed_id as an already existing entry is not valid and won't be saved in the database (it would indicate an entry which is at once deleted and not deleted).

Attributes of the model:

  • feed_id: ID of the feed to which the deleted entry belonged.

  • guid: guid of the deleted entry.