Class: OpmlExportJobState

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OpmlExportJobState model. Each instance of this class represents an ocurrence of a user exporting subscription data in OPML format.

Each OpmlExportJobState belongs to a single user, and each user can have at most only one OpmlExportJobState (one-to-one relationship). If a user exports data several times, each time the previous OpmlExportJobState is updated.

The OpmlExportJobState model has the following fields:

  • state: mandatory text that indicates the current state of the export process. Supported values are

“NONE” (the default), “RUNNING”, “SUCCESS” and “ERROR”.

  • show_alert: if true (the default), show an alert in the Start page informing of the data export state. If false,

the user has closed the alert related to OPML exports and doesn't want it to be displayed again.

  • filename: name of the OPML file exported. It only takes value if the state is “SUCCESS”

  • export_date: GMT date and time the export was generated. It only takes value if the state is “SUCCESS”

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