Class: OpmlImportFailure

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OPML Import Failure model. Each instance of this class represents a feed URL present in the OPML file uploaded by the user but which couldn't be imported (because the feed is unavailable, HTTP error returned, etc).

Each opml_import_failure belongs to exactly one OpmlImportJobState instance.

During an OPML import job, every time it is impossible to import a feed URL present in the OPML, an instance of this class is saved in the db. So, looking at OpmlImportFailures associated with a given OpmlImportJobState, it is possible to know which feeds have failed during the import, no matter if the import is finished or still running.

Duplicate failure URLs are not allowed for a given OPML import.

Attributes of the model:

  • opml_import_job_state_id: ID of the OpmlImportJobState to which belongs the failure.

  • url: url present in the OPML file that failed during import.