Trickster Arts Hackers reverse engineering

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This tool provides a sandbox for researching of the network API of the Hackers mobile game, originally developed by Trickster Arts


This project is for research purposes only. All source code is provided as is. I don't condone of exploiting vulnerabilities or cheating in this game, you act at your own risk.


It uses my sandbox-ruby gem

The sandbox consists of the following contexts:

  • buy Purchases of various ingame items
  • chat Internal chat
  • mission Managing your missions
  • net Maintenance your network
  • prog Managing your programs
  • query Creating and analyzing queries to the API server
  • script Running your own scripts to interact with the sandbox
  • world World map

How to run it

git clone
cd ta-hackers
bundle install
export RUBYLIB=$PWD/lib

# Create a new account and write the credentials to the config named 'my'
./bin/sandbox -n my

# Run the sandbox with the config 'my'
./bin/sandbox -c my


Any suggestions are welcome, just open an issue on Github. If you want to contribute to the source code, you can fork this repository and submit a pull request.


See the LICENSE file