Helpful functionality for sorting and comparing.


gem install sorting


Sort a list of Person objects

# Convenient
require 'sorting/convenience'
people.sort_by { |person| [asc(person.first_name), asc(person.last_name), desc(person.age)] }

# Or without patching Kernel
require 'sorting'
people.sort_by { |person|
  [Sorting.asc(person.first_name), Sorting.asc(person.last_name), Sorting.desc(person.age)]

# Care about expensive comparison values which may not always be needed
# assume item.expensive_value takes a lot of time to compute, but since it's the second value,
# it might only be needed in a small number of cases.
require 'sorting/convenience'
items.sort_by { |item|
  [asc(item.cheap_value), asc(:nils_last) { item.expensive_value }]

# Care about nil values in your data
require 'sorting/convenience'
people.sort_by { |person|
  [asc(person.first_name, :nils_first), asc(person.first_name, :nils_last)]

# Only care about nil values in your data
[5,3,nil,9].sort_by { |x| x || Sorting::Bigger } # Sorting::Smaller is available too

Take a look at examples for more examples.


You can use this code under the BSD-2-Clause License, free of charge. If you need a different license, please ask the author.