This document provides a high-level view of the changes introduced in DocTest by release. For a detailed view of what has changed, refer to the commit history on GitHub. (2015-04-04)

  • Update htmlbeautifier to 1.0.0 and remove workaround in html/html_beautifier [6caafb0].

  • Extract formatting (serialization) of example’s options into BaseExamplesSuite#format_options to be reusable [c4d779c].

  • Implement serialization of examples suite into AsciiDoc [900aab8].

  • Replace custom core extensions, ActiveSupport and Colorize with Corefines. This also means that refinements will be used instead of global monkey-patching, when running on Ruby that supports refinements (currently MRI ≥2.1.0). [50e05c1, 2f4a42e]

Bug fixes
  • Fix implementation of eql? and hash in BaseExample [c27615b]. (2015-01-03)

Improvements (2014-12-30)

Bug fixes
  • Avoid setting backend_name to an empty string. When there’s an empty string and code highlighter is set to Pygments or CodeRay, then Asciidoctor doesn’t highlight listings at all. [bf5f077]

  • Update htmlbeautifier to 0.0.11 that doesn’t modify content of pre element and adds newlines around block elements. #3 [4aaa137]

1.5.1 (2014-12-29)

  • Rename parameter renderer_opts to converter_opts and method render to convert to be consistent with Asciidoctor (old names are aliased for now). #2 [97c06af]

  • Rename to_s to content_pretty in BaseExample and make alias. [3b610e2]

Bug fixes
  • Allow to modify default examples_path in GeneratorTask (was frozen). [7251e6c]

  • Fix template_dirs validation and default backend_name in AsciidocRenderer. [2a4413d]

  • Beautify generated HTML examples. [e9d42be]

  • Fix Generator to not lose description of the updated example. [0d2f4ee]

  • Add end-to-end integration tests using Cucumber.

  • Increase (unit) test coverage from 84.2% to 88.5%.

Known issues
  • HTML beautifier doesn’t work as expected. #3

1.5.0 (2014-12-09)

The first stable release.