Authzed Ruby Client

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This repository houses the official Ruby client library for Authzed and SpiceDB.

SpiceDB is a database system for managing security-critical permissions checking.

SpiceDB acts as a centralized service that stores authorization data. Once stored, data can be performantly queried to answer questions such as "Does this user have access to this resource?" and "What are all the resources this user has access to?".

Authzed operates the globally available, serverless database platform for SpiceDB.

Supported client API versions:

You can find more info about the API in the Authzed Documentation API Reference or the Authzed API Buf Registry repository.

See for instructions on how to contribute and perform common tasks like building the project and running tests.

Getting Started

We highly recommend following the Protecting Your First App guide to learn the latest best practice to integrate an application with Authzed.

If you're interested in example uses of the API, see the spec files in the spec directory.

Basic Usage


This project is packaged as the gem authzed on Ruby Gems.

The command to install the library is:

gem install authzed

Initializing a client

In order to successfully connect, you will have to provide a Bearer Token with your own API Token from the Authzed dashboard in place of t_your_token_here_1234567deadbeef in the following example:

require 'authzed'

client =
    target: "localhost:50051",
    credentials: :this_channel_is_insecure,
    interceptors: [ "somerandomkeyhere")],

Performing an API call

require 'authzed'

# Is Emilia in the set of users that can read post #1?
resp = client.permissions_service.check_permission(
      at_least_as_fresh: zed_token)
    resource: 'blog/post', object_id: '1'),
    permission: 'read',
      object: 'blog/user', object_id: 'emilia')
can_read = Authzed::Api::V1::CheckPermissionResponse::Permissionship.resolve(resp.permissionship) ==