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Redd is a batteries-included API wrapper for reddit.


  • Supports most of the reddit API, including live threads and the beta mod-mail.
  • Includes support for streaming new posts and comments.
  • Built-in rate limiting and error handling.
  • Automatic retrying of failed requests.


Reddit Bot

require 'redd'

session =
  user_agent: 'Redd:RandomBot:v1.0.0 (by /u/Mustermind)',
  client_id:  'PQgS0UaX9l70oQ',
  secret:     'PsF_kVZrW8nSVCG5kNsIgl-AaXE',
  username:   'RandomBot',
  password:   'hunter2'

session.subreddit('all') do |comment|
  if comment.body.include?('roll a dice')
    comment.reply("It's a #{rand(1..6)}!")
  elsif comment.body.include?('flip a coin')
    comment.reply("It's a #{%w(heads tails).sample}!")

Web Application

require 'sinatra'
require 'redd/middleware'

use Rack::Session::Cookie
use Redd::Middleware,
    user_agent:   'Redd:Username App:v1.0.0 (by /u/Mustermind)',
    client_id:    'PQgS0UaX9l70oQ',
    secret:       'PsF_kVZrW8nSVCG5kNsIgl-AaXE',
    redirect_uri: 'http://localhost:4567/auth/reddit/callback',
    scope:        %w(identity),
    via:          '/auth/reddit'

get '/' do
  reddit = request.env['redd.session']

  if reddit
    "Hello /u/#{}! <a href='/logout'>Logout</a>"
    "<a href='/auth/reddit'>Sign in with reddit</a>"

get '/auth/reddit/callback' do
  redirect to('/') unless request.env['redd.error']
  "Error: #{request.env['redd.error'].message} (<a href='/'>Back</a>)"

get '/logout' do
  request.env['redd.session'] = nil
  redirect to('/')


Are those examples fully functional?

Yes, that's all there is to it! You don't need to handle rate-limiting, refresh access tokens or protect against issues on reddit's end (like 5xx errors).

Where can I find the documentation?

Gem / GitHub

Where can I ask for help if I'm having issues?

Check out the official subreddit or raise a GitHub issue.

How do I request a feature / contribute?

Take a look at

How can I contact you?

Reddit / Email

This project is available under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more details.
The Redd logo uses the FARRAY font by Coquet Adrien.