Module: Aws::S3::Encryption::KeyProvider

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This module defines the interface required for a Client#key_provider. A key provider is any object that:

  • Responds to #encryption_materials with an Materials object.

  • Responds to #key_for, receiving a JSON document String, returning an ecryption key. The returned encryption key must be one of:

    • OpenSSL::PKey::RSA - for asymmetric encryption
    • String - 32, 24, or 16 bytes long, for symmetric encryption

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# File 'aws-sdk-resources/lib/aws-sdk-resources/services/s3/encryption/key_provider.rb', line 20

def encryption_materials; end

#key_for(materials_description) ⇒ OpenSSL::PKey::RSA, String

# File 'aws-sdk-resources/lib/aws-sdk-resources/services/s3/encryption/key_provider.rb', line 24

def key_for(materials_description); end