Module: Authlogic::Session::Params::Config

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Configuration for the params / single access feature.

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#params_key(value = nil) ⇒ Object Also known as: params_key=

Works exactly like cookie_key, but for params. So a user can login via params just like a cookie or a session. Your URL would look like:

You can change the “user_credentials” key above with this configuration option. Keep in mind, just like cookie_key, if you supply an id the id will be appended to the front. Check out cookie_key for more details. Also checkout the “Single Access / Private Feeds Access” section in the README.

  • Default: cookie_key

  • Accepts: String

# File 'lib/authlogic/session/params.rb', line 45

def params_key(value = nil)
  rw_config(:params_key, value, cookie_key)

#single_access_allowed_request_types(value = nil) ⇒ Object Also known as: single_access_allowed_request_types=

Authentication is allowed via a single access token, but maybe this is something you don't want for your application as a whole. Maybe this is something you only want for specific request types. Specify a list of allowed request types and single access authentication will only be allowed for the ones you specify.

  • Default: [“application/rss+xml”, “application/atom+xml”]

  • Accepts: String of a request type, or :all or :any to allow single access authentication for any and all request types

# File 'lib/authlogic/session/params.rb', line 56

def single_access_allowed_request_types(value = nil)
  rw_config(:single_access_allowed_request_types, value, ["application/rss+xml", "application/atom+xml"])