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An interface to the signature proof of delivery services provided by FedEx. Allows you to get an image of the signature, or you can tell fedex to fax it to a fax number.

Accessor methods / options

  • tracking_number - the tracking number

  • image_type - one of Enumerations::SIGNATURE_IMAGE_TYPES. (default: LETTER)

  • image_file_type - one of Enumerations::LABEL_FILE_TYPES. (default: PDF)

  • fax_number - if image_type is set to FAX you must provide a fax number here. (default: nil)

Simple Example

Here is a very simple example:

fedex =, password, , meter)
signature = fedex.signature(:tracking_number => "my number")

# => #<Shippinglogic::FedEx::Signature::Signature image:string(base64 decoded) >

# => "a bunch of garble (write this to a file and save it)"

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Classes: Signature

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