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An interface to the track services provided by FedEx. Allows you to get an array of events for a specific tracking number.

Accessor methods / options

  • tracking_number - the tracking number

Simple Example

Here is a very simple example:

fedex =, password, , meter)
tracking_details = fedex.track(:tracking_number => "my number")

# => "Delivered"

# => "KKING"
# => #<Shippinglogic::FedEx::Track::Event @postal_code="95817", @name="Delivered", @state="CA", @residential=false,
#     @city="Sacramento", @type="DL", @country="US", @occured_at=Mon Dec 08 10:43:37 -0500 2008>
# => "Delivered"


FedEx does support locating packages through means other than a tracking number. These are not supported and probably won't be until someone needs them. It should be fairly simple to add, but I could not think of a reason why anyone would want to track a package with anything other than a tracking number.

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